Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jalen the athlete

I don't have all the sports pictures from this past weekend yet but believe me an hour outside with Jalen and you get to play almost every possible sport.  We played ball hockey, soccer, ball, basketball and then he rode his scooter while I pushed Lexi in her stroller.    And, when we returned home Jalen wanted to start all over again. He did say that my high heels were not good shoes to play hockey in - point taken!  When I made the comment that he plays every possible sport Jalen was quick to reply with, "Actually that is not totally true Nana - I don't play football yet." That's true.  During our walk Jalen shared that when he finishes his education he will be either a scientist or a hockey player in the NHL - a goalie to be exact. And, if he is a scientist he will discover new games for Wii because that is what scientist do - they discover stuff!  Love CA

Lexi and her day in pictures

This is one very happy little girl. Lexi is just over five months old and she is discovering something new each day - each hour!  She is such a delight!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Age through the eyes of the young

Tristan Thompson was chosen 4th overall by the Cleveland Cavalies during Thursday's draft (baseball for the non-baseball-fans.)  Six foot nine and 20 years old.  Making history and therefore being called a pioneer promoted Thompson to say, "It makes me feel old, you make me look like I'm 30 or something. I am just 20!"  Love it.

I remember fondly when my sister Lois was turning 50 and I truly felt sorry for her. I thought her life was over. I didn't stop to consider at the time that I was 47!

And then there was the time at the gym when I overheard two very young girls talking. One said, "Your mother is way cool. Bring her to the gym someday."  The reply from her friend was swift and peppered with disgust, "My mother is forty years old!"  I was  40 at the time!

Finally in a crowded elevator I listened with an inside-smile when one young man declared,  "I can't sleep at all anymore. It was never a problem when I was young."  His friend said, "You just turned 30 right?  You will never sleep well again because that is what happened to me the minute I turned 30."

Have a gentle Friday and a good weekend.  I am off to visit family so pictures coming your way I am sure.

Carol Ann

Mavillette in June

Linda and Dan were at Mavillette Beach in NS this past weekend and sent this picture...can't wait to be there this summer! 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dawn Marie crosses the finish line!

On Sunday while many members of Dawn Marie's family gathered in Edmonton the talk was all about her -  we knew DM was in the midst of  her first triathlon and we were so anxious to hear from her.  Darcy shared some knowledge about triathlons that I did not know. For example, no one (NO ONE) could help her en route.  If anyone helped DM with her bike, handed her a drink or was thought to be helping her in any way she would be out of the race.  Even a high-five was out of the question until she crossed the finish line.

DM crossed the finish line in one hour and 43 minutes - she would have been happy with anything under two hours.   She placed third in her age group ( 40 - 49 ) and received a medal.  In an e mail DM shared a bit more with me.  "I got nervous in the pool and couldn't pace myself.  My swim time was my personal best by two minutes.  I didn't push the bike because I wanted to save my knees for the run.  I was nervous about the run and ended up enjoying it the most.  I asked a volunteer for an imaginary high five near the end of the run because I was feeling so good.  The whole day Sunday was fun.  It was nice that the vets were so happy and excited and supportive of us first-timers.  I had a perma grin running my last lap.  I was thinking about the 88 year old lady who said in your blog that she would be praying for me. That was so encouraging."

You can see that grin that DM mentioned in the picture above. She is an absolutely beautiful woman inside and out.  Can you tell I am a very proud Auntie? I suspect this is not DM's last triathlon and I suspect her sister Natalie will join her next time.

Carol Ann

Monday, June 20, 2011

Family reunion in Edmonton

I spoke in Edmonton this past weekend and some of my family members were able to join me for a bit of a family reunion.  It may be because of my health issues over the last 20 years but I love getting together with my family when it is NOT because someone is ill or has passed away.  Celebrate the good times!!
In the first picture, from the left, is my brother-in-law Tom Rosenal, Lois, Lorraine, Darcy Mayne husband of my niece Natalie opposite Darcy at the table.  Next is beautiful Courtney sitting between Justin and I. Courtney and Justin are wonderful young adults and I am so fortunate to have been able to catch up with them over the years as they have grown up.

In the second picture my sisters and I plus Tom had a wonderful evening at Murrieta's Bar and Grill  ( if you want to check the restaurant out.)  We had dinner and talked for hours about anything and everything - and I DO mean don't want to know!    Tom and Lorraine drove Lois and I around the entire time we were together. They were staying at a different hotel and I am sure Tom picked us up and dropped us off more than twice a day - thanks again Doctor Tom.

And thanks to my family for understanding how important this mini reunion was to me and making the effort to join me!  I love you for that and for many other things.

Carol Ann

Lisa from Uppercase Living (among the many hats she wears!)

I blogged about Lisa earlier this month and wanted to give you a face to go with her name.  Some pictures I did not have when I posted earlier blogs. Sorry about that - and thanks for your interest in what I do.


Eva from Stockholm

A few days ago I wrote about meeting Eva at the World Conference in Hamilton earlier this month.  This photo was taken during the Gala so I thought I would share it - you now have a face to go with her name.  Eva is a journalist from Stockholm.  She attended the conference with the intent of writing about her experience both at the conference and with people she met there.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stanley Cup final

What to say? Disappointing game for some but more disappointing is the rioting that took place in the city of Vancouver post game.  Is this where the term hockey-hooligans came from? Or were these professional (?) rioters who are always in search of the next spot to do their work?  

This morning CNN and even Hong Kong news are reporting on the riots - a black eye for Vancouver and for Canada. Glad I was not there. 

I am en route to Edmonton today - topic of discussion there too I am sure.

Have a gentle Thursday.

Carol Ann

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My friend Carol Bond

The Apple Blossom Festival in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley is a beautiful event every year - I love the blossoms and whenever I see a picture like this it reminds me of home.

My friend Carol Bond is many things, including an artist.  She shared this photo of a recent painting she completed as a gift (not for me!) for a family member. I love it and thought I would share it with all of you.

I am encouraging Carol (and my friend Linda Power too) to let me organize an exhibit of their work when I am home this summer.................stay tuned.

Carol Ann

Roberto Luongo

My God people - leave the man alone!  He is good enough to play in the NHL so let's stop calling him a bum.  Those who are most critical are likely arm-chair-wanna-be-NHLers and it is oh so easy to criticize from the comfort of our livingrooms as we watch the series unfold.

It all comes down to tonight's game.  My grandson, Jalen, has always been a Luongo fan - even before the Olympics.  To say that Jalen was upset with Monday night's first period would be an understatement but did he give up on Luongo?  No he did not.  He has a soft spot in his heart for goalies like so many people do.  I realize you either love Luongo or you hate him but let's all enjoy the game and take in the words of advice some young hockey players offered to Luongo (as written in today's Star.)   From nine year old Connor, "Tonight I'll go to bed dreaming about playing in Game 7.  In my dream we'll win the Stanley Cup.  He should have the same dream." From ten year old Justin, "Forget about the game on Monday.  Just get on the ice and work on the fundamentals. Wait, I forgot something - don't over think the game."  Good advice.

As a true blue Leaf's fan it has not been easy for me to jump on the Canucks bandwagon and yes I realize there are more Canadian players on Boston's team than on BC's but for now, "Go Canucks Go."

Tomorrow I will be back to loving my Leafs.

CA - Be an organ donor

Like me, you may have tried to log on to yesterday after reading about the new organ donor online registry.  I could not access the site and I was not the only one.  Apparently the launch was so successful that thousands of Ontarians were unable to sign up to be donors. 

Keep trying - they will fix the problem with the website. And, being  a donor is a wonderful gift we can all give to others.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yesterday Lexi turned 5 months old!

How cute is she?  She changes every week believe me....almost every day!

I "spoke" with Lexi this morning. Actually she made noises while I was talking with Tracey but I have decided she was, in fact, talking to me.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Eva Atterlov Frisell - Pressoffice and freelance journalist in Sweden

I met Eva Atterlov Frisell in Hamilton last week.  She had done her homework prior to attending the World Conference on Breast Cancer and e mailed me to say, in part, "I am a journalist and press officer, at the moment working with a Swedish NGO and as a freelance writer for mainly Swedish planning to publish a book.  I have read about your background and would like to do an interview with you. There is quite a lot of attention and articles about breast cancer in Sweden, but there has been little, if any, attention to women whose lives change drastically after a disease like cancer. I think your background and life story is very interesting and I think Swedish readers will find it so as well...."

Eva and I met in the lobby of our hotel and completed the interview early Thursday morning before attending the conference for the day.  I enjoyed meeting her very much and hope to keep in touch.  Who wouldn't like to have a pen-pal in Sweden?  I know there is a picture of Eva and I out there somewhere and will share it with you when I find it.

Enjoy your Monday.

Carol Ann

Saturday, June 11, 2011

LisaTugnette is a friend of mine. She is also a Senior Independent Demonstrator with Uppercase Living - The Art of Self Expression.  Spend a bit of time looking through the Uppercase Living website and you will have an idea how Lisa and her team could "Transform, Inspire & Enrich" you, your life and your home surroundings.

I love the idea of visual expression through words that actually become part of your art work - like the word "Friends" that Lisa gave to me!

Check out Lisa's website - it is a feel-good experience.

Carol Ann

Jalen and Lexi

I love these two pictures and wanted to share them with you.  The first was taken at James and Tracey's home and the second was snapped in the underground parking garage as we were heading to the Hockey Hall of Fame - lots of excitement!

Actually Jalen was excited ... Lexi...not so much!


Dianne Gamble

This hat is not what Diane's business is about but if you look closely you will see the words, "Believe Hope Courage" on the brim of the hat and that is what Dianne's Mastectomy is about.

Dianne and her daughter had a booth at the WCBCF conference in Hamilton - she carries prostheses, bras, compression stockings, sleeves, and some very sexy underware!    Check out and see for youself.  Dianne is such a professional and totally knowledgeable about her business.  I am going to visit her in Brampton!

World Conference on Breast Cancer

The World Conference (6th!) was a wonderful opportunity for cancer survivors, both men and women,  from all over the world to get together and learn together.  I met so many interesting and positive people. tells you all you want to know about the conference. tells you who Doctor Ritu Biyani is, what she is doing and that is just one example.

I had a very interesting and educational discussion with Herb Wagner.  Herb was the only male breast cancer survivor at the conference.  His business card says, "A Man's Pink - A website designed to provide information and one to one support to male breast cancer patients and their loved ones, while also providing the opportunity for other male survivors to share their story.

As for Hamilton - didn't venture outside of the hotel very much when I was not at the conference and, after all, there were two hockey games to watch. I gave the keynote presentation at Friday's Gala and my start time was the exact time that last night's game began!  Not great for a hockey fan but I did keep up with the score and got back to my room for the last 5 minutes and all the recap detail.

Leila Springer is the President of WCBCF and I am hoping she stays in the job for the next conference three years from now.  Well done Leila (and where did you get that dress? Fabulous darling!!)

Carol Ann

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

There is more to Denise than OceanArt Pewter

Denise Sooley (far left) sent me this photo just after I blogged earlier today.  In addition to being a key member of May's OceanArt team Denise has recently completed a photography course and hopes to set up her own gift shop in the future.  I believe she is on a work term at the moment and is loving every second of it.

I am going to purchase some of her greeting cards - with Nova Scotia landscape themes  - when she has an inventory prepared so if you receive one from me in the future you will know where it came from!


A Heartfelt Thank You to the OceanArt Pewter team

I was thrilled and proud to have the OceanArt Pewter team with me for the launch of the first CAC Comfort Heart Studentship Award in Halifax last week.

So often it is me who receives the credit, the applause and the media attention.  Without May Ocean and her small but mighty company none of this would happen.  May is with me in the top picture and from the left in the second picture - Denise, Linda, May and Cathy.

For the most part, when you call or e mail OceanArt, Denise is the person you reach. Denise and May do it all with help from Cathy when they need additional hands.  Linda was with OceanArt when the Comfort Heart Initiative was born and it remains in her heart today.

May and Denise pour the pewter that makes the Comfort Hearts,  they buff the Comfort Hearts and they package and mail them out to you.  It is a hands-on project and they remain as committed to this Initiative as they were on day one when their very popular Worry Heart became the Comfort Heart back in 1996.  They willingly gave up their net proceeds.

May and Denise,  thank you for over 251,000 Comfort Hearts to date - these little pewter hearts are in the hands of people all over the world.  Thank you for believing in my idea from day one and thank you for all that you do to keep the Comfort Heart Initiative alive.  You are the wind beneath my wings and I love you both.

From the heart,

Carol Ann

Speaking in Hamilton and in Edmonton this month

Good morning to you.  For those of you living in either Hamilton, Ontario or Edmonton, Alberta I want to share that I am coming to your city.

Beginning today in Hamilton the World Conference on Breast Cancer is taking place at the Convention Center.  You have to register to attend any of the sessions - I will be the keynote speaker at the Gala on Friday evening.  I will arrive in Hamilton tomorrow (Wednesday) and will be at the Convention Center for most of the conference so if you are attending please say hello.  I will have lots of time.

Next week I will be speaking at the Care about Cancer (from Bench to Practice to Society) conference in Edmonton. The conference runs from June 16 - 18th and I will be giving the keynote address at the Saturday (June 18th) session.  The Saturday session is open to the public and I would love to see you there.  The theme is, "Improving The Quality Of Life For Cancer Patients And Families" and this is something I can identify with on many levels.  Breakfast is available beginning at 7 am and I will be speaking from 8:05 until 9 am.

If you need any additional information on either of the above drop me a note.

From the heart,

Carol Ann

Monday, June 6, 2011

Name that hockey player....

I purchased this mini-stick for Jalen on my recent trip to Halifax.   They tell me this min-stick was signed by someone from the Canadian Olympic women's hockey team albeit the signature doesn't (I don't think) seem to be that of the goalie.  It's a goalie stick so I am assuming a goalie signed it.  Any thoughts??

Mentoring young women who are carving their own career path

My young friend, Cheryl Hill, is Co-ordinator, Health Promotion with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation - Atlantic.

We worked together in Sydney NS last fall and she was also our 'driver' who got us safely back to Halifax - via the best Pizza place ever en route.

Shortly after Sydney we met again at a conference in Toronto and I will never forget Cheryl on the last day of the conference. She was standing in front of me with all of the CBCF "stuff" she was taking back to Halifax including a huge banner and she wanted to know how far the walk would be to Union Station because she didn't want to spend CBCF money on a cab if she didn't need to.  As a fundraiser for CBCF I loved that!

Last week I saw Cheryl on June 1st at Nancy's retirement party and she offered to drive me back to my hotel  once again before her one hour drive home after a long day. The next day at the CAC Comfort Heart Studentship Award event Cheryl was as excited as I was.  She is a young woman who believes totally in the CBCF mission and the team she works with.

Cheryl you have a very bright future ahead of you and I will help you in any way I can - you need only to ask.

From the heart,

Carol Ann

Alyssa Patterson receives the first Comfort Heart Studentship Award

The inaugural Carol Ann Cole Comfort Heart Studentship Award was presented to Alyssa Patterson in Halifax on June 2nd.

The Studentship Awards Program gives young researchers the chance to take their learning from the lecture hall to the laboratory while fostering an interest in breast cancer research.  Alyssa will spend the summer working in the laboratory of Doctor Stephen Westcott.

I met Alyssa on the set of Live at Five where we were interviewed by Starr Dobson.  It was Alyssa's first television interview and she was a pro. I also met Alyssa's mother and it was such a pleasure to speak with mother and daughter.   They have been through so much together - like many of us cancer has touched their lives.

This photo is compliments of Paul Darrow - a professional photographer who was very gracious in sharing this photo with us.  The photo (or one similar)  will be in the Halifax Herald this Saturday June 11th  along with an article about the event.

I will write more about OceanArt and their contribution to funds raised that have allowed this Studentship Award to be possible in the first place - I am waiting for pictures to go with that story.

Have a good week everyone and thanks for being in touch.

Carol Ann

Nancy Margeson moves forward

On June 1st in Halifax Nancy Margeson, CEO Atlantic Chapter of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation retired from her position surrounded by a million of her closest friends (okay maybe not a million but almost!)  Nancy is such a class act and we will miss her at the helm.  She has a way of sharing an idea then moving it forward to implementation before you know it.  As you can see there was a pink bike involved - her gift from her staff and the Board.  I love it!

Stay in touch Nancy - we love you.   Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done.

Carol Ann
PS I am using a new blogger format and can't quite get the photos lined up properly - working on it!!

Room with a View

Pictures are not that clear but this was my view from my Halifax hotel room over the past few days.  Halifax is a working man's harbour - always something to see when you look out the window!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Heading home to Halifax today

Yesterday the Atlantic Chapter of the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation announced the establishment of the Carol Ann Cole Comfort Heart Studentship Award. The Studentship Awards Program gives young researchers the chance to take their learning from the lecture hall to the laboratory while fostering an interest in breast cancer research.

The award will be presented in perpetuity to the top ranked applicant of the annual CBCF- Atlantic Region program. The inaugural award will be presented on June 2nd to Mount Allison University student Alyssa Patterson. Alyssa will spend the summer working in the laboratory of Doctor Stephen Westcott.

I am both proud and humbled by this. And, very anxious to go home and see my friends in Halifax.


Carol Ann

Pictures from yesteryear

Recently at a speaking engagement I was asked if I had any pictures of the guys from my Auto Motive days at Bell. I will get to that picture in a second. The first picture was taken in 1981 on my last day in Business office Line Support as I prepared to leave for my District Manager Rouge River I&R job. Steve Simpson was my I&R Line Support peer and he insisted on dressing me up so that I would be ready for the weather and ready for the job. The slicker was not new nor was it clean on the inside....I was wearing a brand new mauve silk suit and all I could think of was that it would be ruined. I don't look all that pleased do I...

The 1984 photo was taken in the spring on my first day back from Montreal. I was transferred to Bell's massive warehouse near the 400 (and I wanted to live downtown!) and on that first day my guys won a fork lift competition - honestly at that stage of my career I was not totally sure what fork lift was! Clearly I hadn't realized that white pants were not a good idea either.

Have a great first day of June.


Bring on the Stanley Cup - and finding Bobby Orr

My friend Barb Harvey and I posing with the Stanley Cup some (many) years ago at a Bell hockey tournament. ...

During my VP days at Bell I had the pleasure of doing some charity work (Easter Seals) with Bobby Orr. He was such a pleasure to work with and the way he handles his celebrity is something every young celebrity today could learn from. When I was in hospital in 1992 Bobby gave me a signed copy of that famous picture showing him flying through the air after scoring "the" goal. When I shared the story with Jalen he was very impressed that "Nana" knows Bobby Orr. (And I in turn was impressed that at six years of age he knows Bobby Orr!) The picture is now in Jalen's time capsule. I am hoping to track Bobby down and have him sign something for Jalen for Christmas this year. My attempts so far have not been successful so if you have any tips please share - but don't tell Jalen.


Carol Ann

Update on DM's tri-training

I am thrilled with all of the comments about my niece and her tri-training! She continues to do so well leading up to the big day later this month. Recently she wrote, "Today I biked and ran again. The honeysuckle is in bloom, the bright smell sure helped."

Thanks so much for your comments - I will share all of them with DM and she shares them with her support team.