Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Queen Elizabeth 11 Diamond Jubilee Medal

Each time I am honoured or recognized in any way I remind myself that it all began with the values I learned at my mother's hand. My mother, Mary Rose Cole (d'Entremont) will be with me in spirit on June 18th when I receive the Queen Elizabeth 11 Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Her spirit is with me always - thanks again mom!


Carol Ann

Monday, May 28, 2012

Grateful for Monday

I know we sometimes find Monday to be a tough day - don't let it.  It will be Tuesday before you know it.

Jalen's team did very well in the ball hockey championships last weekend.  They made it through all the games on Saturday and Sunday morning as well so lived to play in the Championship game in the afternoon.  Didn't win that one.  Had fun trying. 

Jalen loves so many different sports!  What a jock.  Wonder where he gets that from?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday sunrise

I love the early morning. I have been writing while enjoying my first cup of coffee on the balcony since 6 am this morning....life is good!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Good Luck Jalen!

Ball hockey finals this weekend - good luck handsome!


Real Estate Agents

If you are looking for a real estate agent in the Barrie area please contact my family.  James at James@yourhomeinbarrie.com or Tracey at tracey@yourhomeinbarrie.com

Family looking out for family............


A nice thought for a Friday

Friday is a good day to not be so serious.

Hope this brings a smile to your busy day/week/life - slow down - the weekend is very near.

If you are a facebook fan check out my page there. I recently posted about Cape Saint Mary Road in Mavillette, Nova Scotia and the character from my novel who lives there. Lo and behold I have received notes from two men who have boats at the pier off Cape Saint Mary Road.  I am thrilled and hope to meet them both this summer. Great way to fact-check for my novel!

You never know who is going to come in to your life when you wake up in the morning.

Have a wonderful weekend all.


Carol Ann

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Apple Blossoms

Growing in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley meant fun for everyone when the Apple Blossom Festival came to town - to Kentville that is. 

The apple orchards are beautiful beyond description during the height of the season and depending on what the weatherman has to say you can never be sure exactly when the most beautiful orchards will be on display.

Recently my friends Tom and Carol Bond were in the Valley and they sent this beautiful picture for me to share. Oh, how I miss it all!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Long weekend

We had a family outing planned today - the Toronto Zoo!  However little Miss Lexi was not feeling well so everyone resorted to family chores and jobs we have been putting off - why not tackle them on the long weekend.  I did some writing but I set everything up on my balcony so didn't feel that I was missing out on the summer weather we are having this long weekend.

My version of a weekend at the cottage - and I love it.

I am also feeling very sad for a family I know in Grande Prairie, Alberta.  I met them through my sister and this weekend they are making plans to bury their beautiful 15 year old daughter who took her own life a few days ago.  So many cases of suicide and when it is someone you know, even indirectly, it is very hard to shake. I pray this young girl's family will be able to deal and recover at least to some extent. I can't begin to imagine...........

Hug your kids......

Carol Ann

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Paul Comeau - Chez Christophe restaurant - NS

There are days when I am so damn mad at cancer I can hardly think logically.

Paul was not only the owner of Chez Christophe restaurant but he was the cook and perhaps the best cook in the world.  People would literally come from all over the world to eat at his little tables in the restaurant he had made out of the home he grew up in.  There were kitchen parties, friends reconnecting, business meetings and students from the local University gathering for graduation.  By the end of the meal you were talking with people at the next table who had been strangers when you walked in.

Two summers ago Paul began to share more and more details with me about his cancer battle.  He would show me the huge tumours on his arm, and the even larger scars where tumours had been removed only to grow back again.  Treatment worked and treatment didn't work. Cancer is like that - no logic at all. 

My trip home this summer won't be the same. I hope I can find the staff so I can give them all a hug. I don't know if the restaurant will reopen - I fear not.  And, I worry about the wonderful staff who have been with Paul for oh so many years.  What will happen to them now?

R.I.P. Paul - you have certainly earned this rest.

My love to all of you,

Carol Ann

My little bit of NS country ...............in the city.

What a wonderful long weekend this is starting out to be. Had a nice breakfast/brunch with a dear friend who came to my 'hood earlier today and I am now back home enjoying my balcony.

For those of us who love the city it doesn't get any better than this.  For those of you who hate the city I know where you are - you're at the cottage!

Believe me the Yonge/Bloor streets are vacant today so I know many have abandoned the city. Not me.

Have a gentle time this weekend.


Carol Ann

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My sisters and Justin too.....

Lois and Lorraine above and Justin on the left. Justin is 15 so we will be back in Grande Prairie in about three years (if not before!) for another graduation.

Grad takes lots of hard work

Graduation program above and to the left are Lois and Natalie sitting on a flat bed in Natalie and Darcy's yard Sunday afternoon. Natalie was very involved in the grad event and part of her role included the 'tearing down and returning' portion of grad - these benches had to be returned to their rightful owners Monday morning!

Natalie is my niece and my God child as well - I am very proud of you Natalie!


Auntie CA

Graduation Pictures to Share with You.

Courtney's graduation was wonderful and I am so glad I made the trip to Grande Prairie to celebrate with Courtney and her family.

I stayed with Lois so we had lots of 'sister' time and  also got to visit with Natalie, Dawn Marie and their families. Lois has raised two wonderful daughters.

On Sunday morning (Mother's Day) Lois presented me with a beautiful "Happy Mother's Day to my Sister" card and guess what I had for her....nothing!  You can imagine how I felt.  Lois is so kind and caring.

Love, "Auntie CA"

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Family First...

I am on a 7 am flight to Grande Prairie, Alberta in the morning. That makes for a pretty early morning but when it's family it's all good.

Courtney (front row, second from left) is graduating from High School this weekend and I wouldn't miss it for the world.  My sister Lois (in red,) her two daughters, sons in law and grandson Justin are also in the pix - you can figure it out! 

A beautiful family inside and out.

See you soon........

Auntie CA

Kobo believer

Unless you have a Kobo..............

I was not sure I would prefer using my Kobo reader over having a book in my hand but I have grown to love it. 

It makes me think that if I ever do finish my novel I will publish it first as an e book.


This is so true don't you think?  And, it could be used at work or at home with our kids/grandkids.


Carol Ann

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


My mother used one of these. Every Monday was "wash day" and when we came home from school  the clothes would all be on the line drying!

I am wondering about the timeline of these washing machines.  I have written about this in my Novel but need to verify when they first came out.  Wondering if anyone can help me?  Please and thanks............


Carol Ann

The Cumberland is no more

I didn't grow up at the Cumberland but I have attended many movies there over the years and am sad to see it close.  I have watched the celebs gather there for TIFF but it is my personal memories that I will cherish.

Following my first battle with cancer my boyfriend Brian B took me to a movie at the Cumberland and to ensure I ate correctly he PACKED OUR SNACKS.  I was disappointed because I wanted a Coke (definitely a no no) and a big chocolate bar (a big no no!)  We watched  many a movie there and I loved everything about the Cumberland.

No more................but I have the memories.



Answering the phone.........

This little girl has her own toy phone and this is exactly what happens - she hands it to you and you answer it!  No questions asked believe me.  If you don't answer ....well, we won't go there! When Lexi is waiting for you to react she doesn't blink, doesn't take her eyes off of you and doesn't move. Without saying a word you get the message loud and clear.  Love it!

Monday, May 7, 2012

All things good

Lexi is a climber and she climbs on literally everything - and falls often too! 

Jalen took just a second to pose for one more picture before heading outside to play ball hockey with his friend. Within a few minutes there were three more little boys in the driveway (at which time I moved the Miata out of the driveway!) and a real ball hockey game began.  After almost an hour James and I were sitting in the livingroom watching the boys and we heard Jalen say, "Okay everyone come on inside."  Lexi was sleeping so that didn't happen.  They did get snacks though.

Me at Rona? It does happen!

I was telling a friend this morning that I went to Rona in Barrie this past weekend with Lexi and James.  My friend didn't believe me so here's the proof.  Hey  I went to Canadian Tire too - I don't need to prove that do I?

Your Monday Smile

Hopefully no one under age reads my blog - and I hope this makes you smile. We all need a smile on a Monday!!

Every body has a heart............

I love this "Every body Has a Heart" photo and of course I love to share pictures of my grandchildren. They are growing so fast.

Jalen was showing off his new hair style and in the bottom picture Lexi is dancing with her doll.  She calls her doll "baby" and is always looking for her baby.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

What A Life!

Check out www.whatalife.ca if you have ever wanted to honour your family/friends by documenting their life stories on DVD.  This company can tailor one of their video packages to tell your unique story.

"Every LIFE tells a story.  Every story deserves a LIFE" is their motto.  What A Life can help you to Celebrate a family milestone, Create a family heirloom or Capture your living legacy.

I personally know Duane Lowe, the mastermind behind this business, and you can definitely trust her with your family secrets! 

When I lived in Haliax, Duane was very kind to me.  She interviewed me a number of times on her TV show Maritimes Today.  This is my way of paying it forward.  She won't disappoint I promise you.

You can go to her website www.whatalife.ca or call Duane directly at 902 466 8007.  Good luck!

From the heart,

Carol Ann

And You Thought I Couldn't Cook!

I do look a bit 'stand-offish' from the stove don't I?  Not wanting to get too close to the stove I stretch my arm to stir the mushrooms, but I did it!

May and Cathy have this beautiful working stove in their kitchen. I had  a similar one in my little loft in Toronto a few years back but it didn't work. Well, it worked as a storage unit for my files and luggage.

Have a gentle Thursday. It is going to be plus 23 here today.

Carol Ann

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My In the Pink Fun & Fashion contribution

Hey there ladies. Thanks to all of you who attended Michele's Fashion Show and have been in touch with me to ask for more information following my presentation.  (Does this mean you were not paying attention?  Just kidding.)

Following are a few 'written sound bites' that I used as memory joggers for my talk.  Hopefully they will jog your memory as well  . . .

1.  Wish bone/back bone/funny bone - use all three to your advantage.
2.  When one door closes another opens - watch for the door opening for you.
3.  Cancer is the ultimate change agent - and it is going to change your life.
4.  Every job you take on is a big job.  Always feel good about what you do.
5.  Find your own way to pay it forward.  What works for you?
6.  Walk away from negative energy that is pulling you down.
7.  Remember your hometown roots.  Youth is a valuable teacher.
8.  It is never too late to make the decision to live a balanced life.
9.  Be kind - kindness offers hope.  Hope sustanis us all.

10. This is a test - do you remember #10???

From the heart,

Carol Ann

Michele McQuaid and her In the Pink Fun & Fashion Show

Michele McQuaid hosted her first In the Pink Fun & Fashion show in Halifax this past Sunday and it was a huge success by all accounts. My friend Carol Bond (with me above) even had pink in her hair for the event!

The three ladies on the left are Managers with Melanie Lyne www.melanielyne.com and Laura www.laura.com. I have great praise for Thelma Boyd, Barb Buchanan and Glenda Sherlock who selected and brought all fashions to be worn by the models, dressed the models and co-ordinated everything beautifully.  The fashions were totally age appropriate and this is not always the case I find. And, I did hear many of the women in the audience making this very comment. They also dressed Michele and as you can see she looked beautiful.

The models in this fashion show were all breast cancer survivors and from the second the first model came into view the audience showed their admiration, support and love by standing, singing, clapping hands, laughing and yes crying too.

The silent auction items were outstanding and I am sure Michele will be pleased with her donation to cancer research (breast cancer and ovarian cancer) when all monies are counted.

I took a few pictures but the better pictures were all taken by Angela Jorgensen of Chrome Design www.chromedesign.ca

Michele, hats of to you - you have found the perfect way to pay it forward. I am so proud of you.

From the heart,

Carol Ann

Amoena - thanks to you!

Deborah Mooy, Account Manager with Amoena and her beautiful young daughter are picture in top photo and in the second photo with me are Carol Bond (on the right) and Michele McQuaid, owner of www.bestfitprostheses.comMichele hosted In the Pink Fun and Fashion in Halifax this past Sunday and a great time was had by all.   (More about that in a separate blog entry.)

Amoena was a lead sponsor for the event.  The Amoena team picked up the cost of my travel expenses to and from the event and I am so appreciative of this.  I am a great supporter of Amoena products and if you are a survivor, or know someone who is, I encourage you to check their products out at www.amoena.com.