Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Holidays to all

It's that time of year. Business winds down as the festive season winds up. I am thankful for many things including everyone I have met and worked with through my speaking business this year. I appreciate your interest in what I do and your support by hiring me to work with you and with your company. A very Merry Christmas to all who have visited my blog and my website this year.

To family and friends I wish you a very exciting, happy and warm 2010 - and I hope our paths cross even more often in the New Year.

With love
Carol Ann

Thursday, December 3, 2009

So,have you ever had a computer crash and lost everything? Really, I mean EVERYTHING? Never happened to me - until a few days ago. I was handed my cleaned-up computer today minus anything and everything that I had stored in my trusty little laptop. E-mail addresses GONE so please e-mail me and help me rebuild my "list of contacts!"

On a more positive note, my trip to Nova Scotia was wonderful. Book launch in Halifax was very meaningful and eventful with so many friends and supporters there to celebrate with me. I so appreciate everyone coming out on a day that I am sure was busy for everyone. My book signing in Greenwood was great with family and friends plus my former MRHS teachers helping to keep me smiling all day. The Wolfville signing - not so much! How does that song go -"Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad." It's all good.