Sunday, April 27, 2014

Graydon Scott

Lexi and Jalen have lost their Grandpa Scott.  

Graydon left his Ottawa home early Thursday to drive to Midhurst to visit with James and family. He was anxious to attend Jalen's ball hockey games on Saturday and also next Tuesday evening.

Sadly something went terribly wrong. He didn't arrive and a missing person's bulletin was issued. Almost 48 painful hours later the family learned Graydon had been in a single car accident and had passed away.

We are all very sad. Funeral will be in Ottawa later this week. No details available as yet.



Monday, April 21, 2014


A few years ago Jalen was proud to have a Jeep "Just Like Daddy!"

Yesterday he taught his little sister how to drive his Jeep and while I am not certain he has given it to her he certainly allowed her to enjoy driving it while he played hockey in the driveway with his buddies.


Carol Ann
PS It was a perfect Easter Sunday!

Always the hockey player

Even on a warm Easter Sunday Jalen's focus was on hockey.  He will play in the net to give his buddies a chance to shoot the puck if that's what it takes. He openly admits he's not the best goalie but that's okay - he's happy to rotate.

My grandson is a well rounded athlete but his heart belongs to hockey on any given day.



Sunday, April 6, 2014


I am working on my sequel to Paradise today so am reflecting back to the 1980s and looking forward from that time frame. 

It was a good time wasn't it?

Happy April to you.


Carol Ann