Friday, April 27, 2012

When one door closes....

I am going to attempt to bring lots of humour for the audience of In the Pink Fun and Fashion show Sunday in Halifax - like the quote above.  I often use the serious part of this, excluding the 'bitch' part.  But, it did make me laugh.

No matter how long or short my stay is when I go home it is always such a joy. I will get to see many friends at the event which makes it even better.

Halifax here I come............en route very early tomorrow morning.


Carol Ann

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dancing in the Rain

I am heading home to Halifax this weekend to speak at "In the Pink Fun and Fashion."  The models in the fashion show will all be breast cancer survivors (I am not one of them!) and they will be the heroes of the day.   It is such a wonderful feeling to see these woman, who have learned to dance in the rain that pours down on them following a cancer diagnosis of any kind.  The storm that comes with a cancer diagnosis is a terrible one and sometimes it goes on for  a very long time. Learning to dance in the rain takes work, passion, patience and love.

I look forward to dancing in the rain on Sunday with everyone at the fashion show.  See you soon Halifax.


Carol Ann

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chapters in Life

I like this quote for more than one reason.  Obviously the first reason is clear - in life we must continually move forward.

As I work on my novel I am making the mistake (and I KNOW I am making the mistake) of re-reading each chapter over and over and over. Thus, I have trouble moving forward.

Today was a good example of that.

I had a great idea for a new chapter but first I decided to give a 'fast read' through the 100 or so pages that I have written already.  As a result of doing that and getting bogged down time and time again I never did get to my new chapter.  And now at day's end the great idea for my new chapter doesn't seem so great.  It was great 10 hours ago and I should have captured it on paper then.

If you are a writer don't make the mistake I made today!  Keep moving forward.  There will be lots of time to re-read when you are finished.  And, lots of others to help you do it too.

I have a great evening planned (?) as I head off to my condo AGM.

Have a nice evening all.


Carol Ann

Growing Up in Wilmot

"Believe in yourself" and/or "Be yourself" could have been the motto for all students who attended Wilmot Public School back in my day. As many of you know from my postings here I am heading home this summer as usual and this year I will attend the Wilmot school reunion - can't wait!  Often we had to believe in ourselves because we walked to and from school on our own each day.  On a snow we played outside - with friends or on our own.  Inside we often played on our own - play dates as we know them today just didn't happen then.  And it was all good wasn't it?  (The house above is our home in Wilmot not the school by the way.  I snuck it in there. My friend Phyllis White painted it for me some years ago.)

For many years I wanted to own what had been our home and what had in my opinion been taken away from Mom and her girls by means that I personally questioned.  When it was for sale at one point I walked through it and funny enough, it didn't feel like our home any longer. I was awfully glad to have had the opportunity to go inside though.

So, back to the reunion.  The family living literally right beside the Wilmot school was the Banks family. Sheila and I were great friends as were Carolyn and my sister Lois.  We will reconnect with Carolyn this summer. I know that for sure because we have been in touch. I so hope to see all of the Banks clan as well as many other grads from our one/then two room schoolhouse.


Carol Ann

Friday, April 20, 2012

An alternative to hanging your favourite artwork

Who says all art has to be hung on our walls?  I was missing home this morning so I have placed all of my "Memories of Nova Scotia" art along the window in my bedroom.   Initially I did this to select one piece for a special spot on my living room.  I selected my Rock art (by Carol Bond - not shown here) but I just might leave this display like it is for now. I like it!  What do you think?

Have a gentle Friday everyone.


Carol Ann

Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Bell Friends..........

I had lunch today with Marline, Gwen, Barb and Michelle - four friends from my Bell days and we are even closer friends now.  Sometimes when you leave a job friends disappear and that is okay.  They, perhaps, weren't friends after all.  It takes work to keep in touch.  Lives are busy - we move around - circumstances change.  But when the friendship is important you work at it and keep in touch. 

The five of us try to meet at least twice a year, once for sure.  We have such great talks. One memory brings back another and on and on it goes. Never a dull (or quiet) moment.

We need to pick up the phone more often and call a friend....


Carol Ann

Who me?

Hey I have been called worse!

Remembering Dick Clark

How many of you, especially in my age group, danced in your livingroom to the songs being played on American Bandstand? The picture was black and white but the music was multi-coloured! 

Dick Clark was a great listener - he asked the question in a short sound bite but then he would listen regardless of the length of the answer.  Watch for this if you see any of his interviews over the next few days.  Networks are full of Dick Clark today and that's a good thing.

Loved that music - and oh those dance moves!!

Carol Ann

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wine or Gas?

I don't drive all that much but just filled my little Miata tank up and - I think this will be my new motto!

Holding a grudge

I seem to know more women than men who hold a grudge. Not saying that men do not hold a grudge but I don't personally know many who do.

Curious re what you think?


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Family first...

How fortunate am I!

Getting published

Finding a publisher when you finish what you think is that perfect manuscript is a daunting task.  I have experienced it first hand and, trust me, it is not pretty.  Opening your mail day after day with yet another rejection letter awaiting you is like intentionally hitting yourself in the head.

I saw this joke in the paper when I took a break from writing the other day. I had just hit the 100 page mark working on my 4th manuscript (first novel.)

For many authors, and certainly true in my case, the marketing side of having your book published is the really tough part. With my first book, Comfort Heart a Personal Memoir, my publisher ECW Press (Jack David) sent me from coast coast on a book tour.  What an experience it was.   Seeing people lined up in bookstores to buy my book was incredible but I can tell you that seeing no one lined up is what stays with you for awhile. Talk about humbling.

Pottersfield Press (Lesley Choice) published my second and third books (Lessons Learned upside the head and If I Knew Then What I Know Now.) With no marketing budget there was little publicity. I did have a number of book signings in Nova Scotia bookstores and again there were days when there were line ups and there were signings when no one came - no one.  There's that humbling feeling again.

So, when I saw this joke in the paper I reminded myself of all of the above.  Perhaps I won't even look for a publisher when my novel is complete - maybe this one is for my eyes only.  Or maybe I will investigate the world of self publishing and play that game this time.

I wonder how many authors share my feelings?  I would love to hear from you.


Carol Ann

Home town pride....

I have heard from so many of my NS friends following my blog yesterday.  There is something to be said for the lessons we learn in our youth that don't really become meaningful until our adult years.

And, there is something to be said for Maritime friends in particular. I can't explain it to you if you are not from the East Coast. The bond between Maritimes really can't be explained in a way that truly makes sense, especially to those who don't even know people from the Maritimes.

I guess I must be really missing my hometown today - over the next several months I will be going home a number of times. Can't wait.


Carol Ann

Monday, April 16, 2012

Halifax April 29th

Hope to see my Halifax and area friends when I am home for Michele's fashion show on the 29th.  I love love love going home!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Family time

A wonderful few days with the family.  I brought Lexi's cold home with me so not to worry if I am not blogging for a day or two.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Easter everyone

I hope you have a Happy Easter with those who are important to you.  It is a long weekend for many and lots of us will be on the road - what was it that old TV show used to say, "Let's be safe out there."  Now that was a long time ago!

I will be in touch in a few days.


Carol Ann

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday's thought

A very good friend of mine was recently hurt badly by something negative said about him behind his back.

A line in a song goes, "Someone said someone said something about something else someone might have said about her...."  It's really all gossip in the end and good or bad, gossip is gossip.

I offered to play the 'bad guy' and call the gossip to make sure he realized how his lies have hurt someone important to me but he said, "No don't fight my battles for me," so I didn't make the call - yet.

Putting a positive spin on all of it I have sent this quote to him and now am sharing it with you too. I hope you like it.  I believe it speaks volumes.


Carol Ann

Monday, April 2, 2012

Your early April smile...

Oh, I sooooo had to share this with you ... a smile as we begin a new month.

Brunch at James' Golf and Country Club

We had a lovely brunch on Sunday and Lexi enjoyed a feast of just about everything, albeit she totally relaxed later at home with her favourite drink to end the day!

JJ at the ball hockey rink

Another month arrives and I began my April watching my grandson in a ball hockey game.  He is growing so fast and a proud big brother.  Lots of work this month - but family first!