Thursday, November 28, 2013

One of my favourite hearts

Photo by Shelagh Duffett


When I moved into my current condo I didn't bring many of my antiques with me - this ironing board was the exception. I dug it out today to use again for awhile. I love it!

Not sure how old it is but I do know it is very old.

Thinking ahead...more on these in 2014

The ever disappearing Phone Booth

In today's Toronto Star ...

A shout out to my Bell friends.  Memories are made of this.



Wednesday, November 27, 2013

For 2014 presentation material - or for life

Don't Quit

Believe it or not, I actually memorized this poem when I was in Grade six and stood on stage during our graduation day events to share it with an audience full of our parents. My mother was in the audience and she had encouraged me to select this poem and to remember it always.  She was such a wise woman.

I hardly understood what the poem was all about at the time but I have come to understand it well



Jalen James my hockey star

On his way to the NHL via his "Orange Crush" sponsored team in Barrie.  The score was 2 - 0 for team Jalen and he scored the first goal.


Measuring up...

I have been tracking Jalen and Lexi's growth on the wall behind my bedroom door since moving in back in 2008.  They often asked to be "measured" as soon as they arrive for a visit. It's a great way to connect and a wonderful memory each time you see the wall through the years. If you haven't started one yet...I highly recommend it going in to the New Year.

Love to you

Carol Ann

Friday, November 22, 2013

Being Real

This is true, don't you think?

Have a gentle Friday and a good weekend all.


Carol Ann

Thursday, November 21, 2013

CBCF - Atlantic Region

As I read the Community Report, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Atlantic Region, this is a shout out to the women I met earlier this year at the 14th Annual Newfoundland and Labrador Breast Cancer Retreat.  What a pleasure it was to meet each and every one of you.


Carol Ann

World's Biggest Bookstore closing...

 In February of next year the World's Biggest Bookstore at 20 Edward St in downtown Toronto will close.  The developer is still contemplating what to do with the historic retailer.
I recently purchase a Christmas gift for Jalen there - NHL Monopoly. Not a book I realize, but a great learning tool on many levels. (I am pretty sure Jalen doesn't read my blog so not to worry.)
I am sad to see this bookstore close. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Possible publisher interest....

I don't want to speak too soon......and it might not happen....but after a few rejections of my manuscript, Paradise, a publisher has expressed some interest.   Keeping my fingers crossed.

Have a great weekend everyone.



Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Last look at my MX 5 - loved that car and so did Lexi!

She didn't get to drive in it of course - no back seat. 

My new Audi TT sport

Hey I think I figured out how to add a photo.......

Sorry friends

I have neglected my blogger friends this month and I apologize to you.  Many of you have read what I have been up to on my Facebook page but I appreciate that not all of you are on Facebook. I will do better - or try!

I am working with my first ever Apple product and unsure how to add photos here. Education welcome.  I have an ipad which is very different from my hp laptop.

And I pick up my new car today so that is the photo I was trying to add. Another time.

Today is 11.12.13.  Make the best of it.


Carol Ann