Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Reachng for new heights

We all reach for new heights.  Children and adults alike.

A number of you have asked why I have not posted a blog entry over the last several days.  (And I appreciate you keeping an eye on me!)

This year one of my New Year's Resolutions is to work harder on my novel - and I am doing that this month.  I have to block out other things when I write - I am not a gifted writer so I have to really concentrate and often I do that to the exclusion of other things. 

I will try to do better.

Have a good Wednesday.

Carol Ann

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My friends JC and Marthe Legault

I love this photo!  What a beautiful mother and son.

Many of you know my friend JC from my Bell days and perhaps from the chapter in my last book that JC contributed to.

I have posted pictures of JC on my blog before but this is the first photo of his mother, my friend, Marthe.  Marthe and JC were at the Sens/Leafs game last evening (I forgot who won the game actually...........)  Marthe has seasons tickets to the Sens home games and she travelled to Toronto last evening to attend the 'away' game with JC. Showing up in their Sen's sweaters took lots of guts and I am sure at least some of the Leafs faithful had a word or two for them.   Well done you two!

Marthe and I have not yet met in person but we will meet on March 6th in Ottawa at the International Women's Day event hosted by the Canadian Federation of University Women.

Marthe I am looking forward to meeting you very much.


Carol Ann

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Attention all Wilmot Public school graduates

If you have a facebook account check out "Wilmot School Project" but if you are not on facebook I will give you updates between now and the Reunion weekend July 28th - 29th. Honestly this will be such fun - imagine reconnecting with someone you were in Grade 1 with!  Our school was a one room schoolhouse and then a two room schoolhouse for grades Primary through Grade 6.  I can't wait!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

They grow so fast.........

My little grandson is not so little any more. At seven Jalen is a very busy boy. He is an athlete like his dad and his grandfather and, even more important, he is a wonderful big brother. Lexi loves Jalen and she starts laughing when she heads his way at anytime during the day in any room of the house.   One of my Christmas gifts to Jalen is yet another return trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame - he reminded me this past weekend that I have yet to deliver on that promise. I best get on it!

The birthday girl!

Lexi doesn't look sick but she was not feeling well at all for her birthday celebration.  A cold and cutting two more teeth (I believe she has 11 now!) kept her down but not out............

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday January 13th - Happy Birthday Lexi!

When you think about it, is there ever another year when we learn as much as we do during our first year of life? And, such important skills too. We learn to breathe, open our eyes, recognize others, make all kinds of noises, crawl, walk, blow bubbles, develop our hand to eye coordination, pick things up, throw them, help others understand what we need/want without saying a word, eat different foods and decide which foods we like and which foods we don't like, and on and on and on..................Such an exciting 365 days don't you think?



Thursday, January 12, 2012

Here comes winter

Bad weather and the threat of snow can't really be something to complain about when we are almost at mid January. My son always laughs when I share Toronto's weather woes with him. He loves the snow for obvious reasons!  Me - not so much but I can live with it.

Have a toasty Thursday - stay inside. Or, not.

Love, Carol Ann

Monday, January 9, 2012

Did you sit in the "blues?"

At Maple Leaf Gardens that is! The blue seats are now part of building's Art and they hang proudly on the wall.  I am including a close-up so you can really see the seats. On the second floor you will find an LCBO and - get ready for it - A Cooking School!  Really???  The old windows are lovely and they bring back wonderful memories.  On the first floor there is a Loblaws where the ice surface proudly awaited our Leafs. There is a big red dot where Center Ice was so if you go in, make sure you stand on that dot...and think back.  I did.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

March 6th - International Women's Day

On March 6th, from 6 until 9 PM I will be with the CFUW (Canadian Federation of University Women) for their  8th Annual International Women's Day Celebration in Ottawa.  The event Empower Women - Change the World! is being held at Centrepointe, Ben Franklin Place (Council Chamber & Atrium) 101 Centrepointe Drive in Ottawa.  If you would like more information, or would like to purchase a ticket please go to the CFUW website as follows -  I will be guest speaker and entertainment is being provided by "CFUW Kanata Guitar Groovers & RCMP Miserable Ride."   Sounds like fun don't you think?  Maybe I will see you there.

Friday, January 6, 2012

How's this for "loading" the dishwasher?

If you look closely you will see that Lexi has a small spoon in her right hand. It seems she was 'backing in' to deposit her spoon in the dishwasher. Tracey says Lexi has a future in electronics!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Dash - the book by Linda Ellis

Many of you have heard me speak of the poem called The Dash by a young American author Linda Ellis.  The first time I heard The Dash I contacted Linda and we have been friends every since. This poem is part of almost every motivational talk I give and many of you download it from my website (under presentations.)

Linda has just published her new book, Live Your Dash - make every moment matter, and I highly recommend it. It has a bit of everything and a whole lot of Linda.  You can go to Linda's website for details

You won't regret it.  A nice way to begin your new year.

From the heart,

Carol Ann

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

To my female friends - would you recognize the symptoms of a heart attack?

In December I posted the Christmas card that my friend Valerie sent to me.  Valerie makes her Christmas cards - she does cross stitch (or it may be needle point which tells you how much I know.)  I am always impressed with her cards and wanted to share my 2011 card with you.

Today Valerie is home recovering from triple by pass surgery - which likely saved her life. Valerie's mom died of a massive heart attack when she was only in her 40's so Valerie has made it her business to know and recognize the symptoms.  The symptoms for women are very different from those men experience.  The symptoms can be so slight you might miss them - fatigue (and we always say that is to be expected because of all we do yes?) slight tingling in your arm a mild chest pain that can be so mild and quick you ignore it.  Go to the website for the Heart and Stroke foundation and make it your business to learn all you need to know to protect yourself from letting a heart attack take your life.  Seriously.


Carol Ann

Monday, January 2, 2012

What does "best gift" really mean?

When all was said and done, unwrapped and shared, Lexi decided her favourite gift was a bottle of scope that had been in her dad's stocking.  She carried it around most of the day and she loved it.  Yesterday I overheard a conversation during which a group of young people were bragging about who received the best gift - I wanted to share this story with them but it would have been lost in the moment.  They were wearing their "my Christmas gift is better than yours" hat so I left them with that.....I was not part of the conversation and I am not sure they wanted to have their minds changed anyway.  Christmas gift giving needs an over-haul.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Let them eat cake

Do you make New Year's resolutions? 

I always try to eat better with every passing year.  I eat way too much sugar and I got the new year off to a good start at Clare and Gene's party last evening with this delicious cake.

I am not saying I won't continue to eat Caramilk chocolate bars - maybe just not two per day.  And if I say it here I might stick to it.

I am not ready to share my other resolutions yet - in time - but not yet.


Happy New Year to you

My friend Sue Mills created this "Happy New Year" card and I think it is worth sharing.  All the important words are here.

May 2012 be your best year ever, and let's keep in touch.


Carol Ann

2011 memories packed away

Christmas with family...........wonderful!