Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch

Some pictures I simply have to share!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Signing off....

Sending you a few photos that I was saving for posts closer to Oct 31st. 

However - and this is good news - I think I have figured out how my novel is suppose to end so I am going "underground" for a week or so to write about 80 pages.   Wish me luck!

From the heart,

Carol Ann

Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall is in the air

We did have wonderful weather over the weekend didn't we?  Today is summer-like here in Toronto but I am having a good writing day so not much time outside.  A bit addictive when writing is going well - nothing gets me away from the computer. (Not saying that is a good thing - just a fact.)

And then there is Lexi in the Cheerios box on Sunday morning. This little girl is happy 24/7. She loves her food and having gone through years when James was her age and was such a picky eater it is a joy to watch her eat.  Sorry I did not get a pix of Jalen this trip - my bad!

From the heart,

Carol Ann

Friday, October 19, 2012

Beaded Bling

My friend Kathy Service is in town visiting and she has brought some samples of her crystal Beaded Bling creations.

Decisions decisions - do I purchase all four bracelets above or one for now as shown on the left?

Oh well, I bought them all.  They are beautiful!  And, I love red.

From the heart,

Carol Ann

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Keeping in touch

With Dawn in blue, Dorothy in red and Maria standing behind me - I love spending time with fellow retirees from Bell Canada. We have so many memories to share and so much catching up to do each time we meet.

The smiles begin the second we recognize someone - like the handsome man from my Rouge Rive I&R days and the hockey player from our winning team who reminded me he was not actually part of my team - Oh Yes You Were!

One lady shared a memory of our four year old sons playing together at the office in Kingston on a Saturday when we all had to work. A man asked if I remembered him just by looking at him - you bet! (and I didn't cheat by looking at your name tag either.)

I am still smiling...

Have a gentle Thursday all.

From the heart,

Carol Ann

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Did you watch the debate last evening?

If you watched the debate this will make sense. I love it!

From the heart,


Love You Out Loud

There are so many things I love about the Bell family. When we begin our first job, retirement is not even a blip in our mind. Today I get to have lunch and hang out with a couple hundred Bell pensioners - can't wait.

I love days like this.  Memories will be standing right in front of me!

From the heart,

Carol Ann

Monday, October 15, 2012

1931 Dodge Brothers

I actually got to go for a drive (to the DQ!) in this antique car when I was home in September.  It belongs to my friends Nancy and David Stoddart.  David takes such good care of this car and of his second antique car (yes, he has two.)

Actually when I lived in Halifax he took good care of my Miata too.  Every time I went to their home he "detailed" it for me.  Now that's a good guy!

From the heart,


Do You Remember?

The table top jute box makes an appearance in my novel but I haven't worked the washing machine in yet.

It is fun to look back though don't you think?

From the heart


Sunday, October 14, 2012

"It's what inside that counts"

I was helping Faith move some of her breakables today - before her actual moving day that will take her to Hollywood - so I couldn't wait to see what was inside the Tiffany box above......  who knew? 

A new version of the kitchen junk drawer!

We really did have a good laugh though.

From the heart,

Carol Ann

Saturday, October 13, 2012

When a young girl takes her own life

My heart goes out to the parents and family of the beautiful young girl who took her own life. She felt different, alone and bullied by so many. How tragic - in a world like the one we all share that so many feel they are alone. That no one cares. That no one knows.  That no one will help. That there is no way out.  That there is no way they can go on.

Breaks my heart.

From the heart,


From Webcam NS

How could you not want to be in NS this morning? These pix were on the NS webcam last evening.  Top pix is Mavillette Beach that you hear me talk about so often.

Pix on the left is in Lunenburg.  Have you been? It's worth the trip.

Enjoy your Sat.  I am off to meet Ryan for breakfast.

From the heart,


Friday, October 12, 2012

Back in the Day

Back in the day on a Friday afternoon I would have plans to strap on my Glitter Shoes and party Friday and Saturday night (Sunday always reserved as my "getting ready for Monday" day.)

This weekend I am just as excited but it is in anticipation of having a late lunch with my son today, breakfast with a friend tomorrow and helping another friend move on Sunday.

Oh my, how priorities change. Don't you agree?

Whatever your plans are for the weekend I hope you glitter.

From the heart,

Carol Ann

Cancer Sucks

A very young girl wrote to me saying that "Cancer sucks" because it has taken her mother from her and now she feels alone. 

Sucks indeed.

Love to you little one.

Carol Ann

Thursday, October 11, 2012

BecauseI Am A Girl

Today is International Day of the Girl - I hope everyone has taken a few minutes to reflect.

If I was not involved raising funds for cancer research this would be my primary focus. It is pretty frightening when you hear about the conditions girls face in some parts of our world.

It makes me sad.


Carol Ann

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One of those days

Ever have one of those days when you know as soon as you get out of bed that you should put your cap on, pack a bag and take off?

Actually she really wasn't leaving.  Something other than a toy is always the main item of interest though - and all before 8 am!

I think this suitcase travelled up and down the hallway about 25 times before she moved on to something else.  Too cute.

Monday, October 8, 2012

My family

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.

Our hockey player

From the warmup in the driveway to the actual game to the drive home Jalen was all hockey all the time on Saturday.  He scored twice including the winning goal.  Three games so far and he has scored in each game.  So proud..............................

Friday, October 5, 2012


I had to share this one with you. 

As many of you know my Christmas decorations are few but they are special to me, especially my glass collection of Christmas trees.

Just before seeing this joke on facebook I unwrapped one of my trees and am looking at it right now - my bad!

Happy Thanksgiving to you

Regardless of the size of your family enjoy this weekend - Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Only in America!

If you watched the debate you will understand this photo. If not - not to worry!

Have a good Friday.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Still sifting through letters dating back to 1996

I have re-read 740 Comfort Heart letters so far - I have kept all letters sent to me since the beginning of the Comfort Heart Initiative in early 1996.

It is time to let some of them go.  I often say that some of the letters are "all-me-all-the-time" and these are the ones I have removed from my Comfort Heart files. It has been wonderful to receive your praise and your thanks however this book will not be about me.

From the Heart will be about Holders of the Heart from 1996 -2012 and your stories and your messages are the ones I have set out to capture in a book.

It is all consuming at the moment but I am loving every second of it - honestly.

From the heart,

Carol Ann

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I can feel your support!

Honestly, there are clearly many many "Holders of the Heart"who read either my blog or my facebook page.   Thank you so much for your input over the last 24 hours. 

I felt like a workaholic again for a second when I got up at 5 am today to start writing. I swear it was 5 am and I was wide awake! Difference being I was happy to start working today - and  I just stopped by the way and it is now almost 5 pm.

A good day for this writer!!  And, thanks for having my back. I felt you all day long.

From the heart,

Carol Ann

PS Tomorrow belongs to my Novel - I have been neglecting it this week.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My new book - From the Heart

My sister Lorraine is an artist.  She created this art work for me, called "Ripples," to show the ripple effect of the Comfort Heart.  In 1998 when the fundraiser was still fairly new I had 1000 cards printed using Lorraine's art work. I used these cards when I mailed out Comfort Hearts. I think I have about ten cards left!

I will share this image in my new book which will capture your stories - stories from the Holders of the Heart. Stories sharing what your Comfort Heart has meant to you, what you have done with Comfort Hearts and yes I want your funny stories surrounding this little pewter heart as well.

Today the real work began. I met with my friends at CBCF - Atlantic via conference call and we are moving forward.

Think about letters you may have written to me in the past, and please appreciate that I have over 1000 in front of me at the moment.  Maybe you could write to me now - and tell me your story again - or for the first time.

From the heart,

Carol Ann

A shout out to my sisters ...

And I believe only one of my sisters reads my blog so - this one is for MLR!

Spelling is important

When you write a book, spelling is so important.  Actually it is important all the time but I am thinking of the spelling errors in all three of my published books.  And, that is with me completing my own final proof read, plus my editor and the layout artist doing the same thing.

It happens - so do what you can!

When I am  working on the completed draft of a book I think about the spelling alot. Make that, "I think about it a lot."

Write about it ....

So many people say, "I should write a book." 

So, if you should write a book, and you want to write a book you should at the very least sit down and start writing your book.

Works for me - and shout if I can help you.

From the heart,

Carol Ann


Not all stories about algebra come with a smile!

Monday, October 1, 2012

I have found the perfect Editor for my novel

Honestly don't you think we speak the same language?? 

I hope this brings you your Monday smile.

One more Red Hat story

Look what arrived in my mail last Friday - from the Nova Scotia Red Hat team.  Touching and appreciated - thank you ladies.  Very sweet.

And, thanks too for your feedback re my books and Comfort Hearts that you purchased at the event.  You purchased everything I brought with me as you know!! 

We ran out of books and I believe I have mailed out all the copies as promised but if anyone is missing their copy let me know if you don't receive it in the next day or so.

Don't go too crazy you mad hatters you!


Carol Ann

Bluenose 11 makes its historic relaunch

I would love to have been in Lunenburg this past Saturday morning to watch history in the making.

Nova Scotia's sailing ambassador has completed a two year restoration project.  Over $15.9 million has been spent. That's million!  As I understand it Ottawa covered $4.9 and our little province of Nova Scotia paid the rest. 

Really?  Some things I will never understand.

RIP Raylene Rankin

Yesterday I returned home from Toronto's Run for the Cure to learn of Raylene Rankin's passing.  She was 52 years old. Only 52 years old and cancer had taken her life.

My sister Connie and I walked in our first Run for the Cure about 19 years ago. We were remembering our mother, Mary Rose Cole, who we lost 20 years ago this December. I hate this killer disease.

Raylene Rankin was such a gifted and beautiful singer. She was also an excellent speaker.  On a few occasions when her health did not allow her to keep a speaking engagement I was called in to replace her. No one could ever replace Raylene.  She often spoke and sang at these events as well so when I arrived the audience knew there would be no singing!

Breast cancer knocked on Raylene's door in 2001 and again in 2008.   Last year she announced she was battling liver cancer.   

My heart goes out to her son, her husband and to the entire Rankin family.  We all want you to know that Raylene was loved, respected and will always be remembered.

From the heart,

Carol Ann Cole