Monday, March 29, 2010

16 plus 2 and counting

Yesterday I celebrated more than my birthday. Having sixteen "cancer free" years in the bank prior to battling it again in 2008 with surgery on my birthday that year, I am now calling March 28th more than my birthday. Not wanting to forget the cancer free years I have enjoyed since my first battle in 1992 I called yesterday my "16 plus 2." Next year will be "16 plus 3" and so on...

I guess because I write so openly about all of this in my books many holders-of-the-heart know when my birthday falls. I hear from so many of you each year and this year seemed to be a record year. Not that I am counting, but the e-mails and cards in the mail far out numbered past years. I can't thank you enough - this shout out is to all of you with thanks from the bottom of my heart.

I have just returned from a trip to Grande Prairie Alberta where I had the honour of speaking at a conference at the Grande Prairie Regional College. Life is not all-cancer-all-the-time and this trip was a great reminder of that. Often cancer survivors feel that others treat them (us) differently and see us with a big red "C" for cancer on our face. We work very hard to live a life outside of the cancer arena. I chose to live my life at a time I call half-past-cancer which means I am half in and half out of that cancer arena. It works for me albeit for many survivors - not so much.

In Grande Prairie it was not about cancer at all. In addition to meeting many students I got to spend a week with my sister Lois and her wonderful family. Her grandchildren are growing up - Courtney is about to celebrate her "sweet 16" and 13 year old Justin taught me how to shoot a paint-ball gun. And, by the way, I hit the target first try! It's not something I will be seeking out in Toronto though.

And, I will be driving my new MX5 (new to me) home to Nova Scotia this summer!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Post Olympics

The entire country paused and then cheered when OUR Sidney Crosby scored the winning goal in overtime! (OUR meaning he is from NS of course) Could the game have been more exciting? Like many Canadians I am so proud of our country for many reasons - the Olympics is just one reason.

I am heading West to Grande Prairie Alberta to do some work with the GP Regional College and then I head East to do some work with the NS Community College - Kentville campus. How lucky am I to have work in two parts of the country where I just happen to have family living - Lois and her family in the West and Connie in the East. Life is good and I am packing up very soon.

Winter will soon be behind us and I need a car. I am having Miata withdrawals and am on the verge of making a purchase - another Miata probably - stay tuned. Any car advice out there?

Let's hope winter (what there was of it) is behind us - looking forward to spring.

Enjoy and drop me a note when you can - I enjoy everyone's e-mail and do try to reply to all. If I have left anyone out it was not intentional honestly so give me another chance.