Sunday, May 26, 2013

Technology and Water

One needs his technology and the other needs her water!  What else matters really?  Great weekend with family.



Two photos that say it all

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A postcard from 1946

Love this one and wanted to share it with you.

Have a gentle Thursday.


Carol Ann

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Family in Italy

Many years after my first trip to Europe my niece, Natalie and her husband Darcy, took exactly the same trip. A trip down memory lane for me as Natalie shares her experience with us.  She is my God child as well so we are especially close and I love hearing about her experiences.

Don't they look great?


Auntie CA

Cape St. Mary

I believe the answers I need (for my novel) about this house on Cape St. Mary Road lie on a facebook page called "old photos of Clare."  Someone brought it to my attention today - so appreciative of this info.

Facebook does serve a worthwhile purpose, now and then.  I'm a believer.....


Monday, May 20, 2013

Paradise - on a holiday Monday

Today I am working on my novel.

I have neglected Paradise albeit for good reasons.

While finishing From the Heart and then beginning the promotion of my book that will hopefully raise lots of funds for CBCF I have willingly kept Paradise on the back shelf.

Today feels like a good day to work on something else so I have my 240 page manuscript in front of me (on the screen that is!) and am beginning one more review.  Coffee in hand I am actually set up on my little balcony - it's a good day I can tell!

If I can find the right person at some point, I really do hope to learn the history of the house above.  This proud old home sits at the end of Cape St. Mary Road and all I know is that it was once a sea captain's home. I have no idea who it belongs to now but would love to find out and speak with them.  That's for another day......for now..........back to proofreading/editing etc.


Carol Ann

Friday, May 17, 2013

June 18th Middleton book signing

And to my hometown library on June 18th for book signing - a special day for me!!


June 12th Cape View motel and cottages book signing

And on to Mavillette Beach for day two book singing ............Russ and Carol will be spreading the word.


June 11th book signing

Hope to see my Kentville and area friends there!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Confusion ...

Today has certainly brought with it many learning curves.  First I received a call from the Halifax post office where all Comfort Heart mail arrived until I moved back to Toronto in 2007.  All of a sudden, more mail is arriving there for me - that should have stopped in 2007 when all mail was rerouted to my Toronto address.  A big thank you to Justin in the Halifax post office for tracking me down.

Then, I received several e mails saying 'my 1 800' number was not working, or at least it was not being monitored.

So, after some digging and some good work by Roy Gibson, my web guy, I think the problem has been identified and corrected.

People seem to be reading through the media articles posted on my website dating back to when I lived in Halifax and they are using that ordering no....very out dated.

To order Comfort Hearts and or From the Heart please call 1 866 273 2223 or go to  and if you hear anyone complaining that they can't find out how to order maybe you could give them this information.

Okay, I need a drink ....




If you have volunteers in your organization, or in your life - even one or two volunteers - don't forget to thank them for what they do.  The only thing a volunteer wants is a simple thank you from those they are helping or assisting.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mom's day to all the Mom's out there!

My Mother's day in photos - a beautiful day with my family.  If you ask Lexi what she carries in her purse she will be quick to say, "My people" which is exactly what James carried in his pants pockets when he was her age.  We called them Fisher Price kids back then.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

And more about NL

Neville L Greenley

If you look very closely at the above photo you will see that Neville Greenley, Mayor of the beautiful city of Corner Brook is dressed head to toe in pink!  Literally head to toe. Neville sat at our table so I had a chance to speak with him - wonderful man and I suspect a great Mayor too. Certainly he is a great supporter of the Newfoundland and Labrador Breast Cancer Retreat - 14th annual held this past weekend in his city.   Every survivor (and there were 179 of us) got to hang a pink ribbon on the tree of hope. Powerful!

Shout out to NL - Corner Brook in particular!

Beautiful country.  Beautiful people. Wonderful history. Wonderful weather!  I would go back again tomorrow!

First launch for From the Heart

First book launch for From the Heart took place in Corner Brook NL - a special thank you and shout out to my new friends there!!

I have met some wonderful new friends at the 14th annual breast cancer retreat in Corner Brook - 179 strong women!!  You have changed my life.

The clip at the top of this page is part of a pre interview with NTV.



Happy Mother's day! (weekend)

This photo of my mom, Mary d'Entremont Cole, was taken on Mavillette beach NS in 1990.  You will notice the shoes, purse etc - always dressed well - even for a walk on the beach.

Happy Mother's Day to all of my friend who are mothers.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Apple Blossoms


I will be going home at least four times, maybe five, this year so I am hoping there is a chance I will see apple blossoms..............the window of opportunity to see the blossoms is a brief one but you never know.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Watching them grow ...

I chart their height on the wall in my bedroom but watching Jalen and Lexi change shoe sizes is a true measure of how much they are growing.

Jalen saw me taking the picture on the left - my shoes beside Lexi's - and he wanted one taken of his feet beside mine too! (above)

What you do for one you must remember to do for the other!!!

After the game...

I love watching Jalen's team line up to shake hands with the opposing team following each game.  It is never too soon to teach manners and sportsmanship.  Jalen absolutely loves ball hockey and it is alive and well in Barrie!