Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31st

Jalen had a very  busy weekend.  In addition to getting ready to "trick or treat" this evening he played two ball hockey games. He managed a hat trick in each game - his team lost one and won one.  Jalen is a high-scorer so once he gets his hat trick he moves back to defense and assists on goals by his teammates.  Honestly I am not making this up.


When is Best Buy not your "best buy?"

When it takes over three weeks to have your laptop repaired and returned.  All that is in the past now so I will begin catching up with you soon - perhaps later today. (I have some business stuff to catch up on first!)

Thanks for your "Is all okay?" e mails - it was nice to know you noticed that my blog was not current for a bit of time.

Carol Ann

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I was recently asked why my blog is mostly personal with very little content about my business COLEMIND.

I feel, and perhaps incorrectly so, that my website serves, for the most part, as my business side and my blog, again for the most part, reflects my personal side.  This blog allows me to easily keep in touch with friends and those business contacts who have since become friends.  It is not strictly personal. It is not strictly business.  It is me.

Hope that clears things up.

From the heart,

Carol Ann

Jalen and Alexander Ovechkin

What do Jalen and Ovechkin have in common?  They were both born on September 17th and both began training at age seven.  These are new facts for Jalen and he is thrilled to celebrate his birthday with his hockey hero.

The evening Jalen first observed Ovechkin we were watching the hockey game together - just he and I.  What impressed him most of all was not the skating, the stick handling or the goal scoring (that would come soon enough) but the throwing of his body into the boards after scoring a goal.  Very early the next morning I overheard Jalen say to his dad, "Daddy, do you know who Ovechkin is?" to which James replied, "Yes I do son. How do you know who Ovechkin is?"    At the time it was all about skiing not hockey in my son's household! 

That would change fault!