Monday, August 27, 2012

Four Points by Sheraton Halifax Presents.....

Four Points by Sheraton Halifax is presenting their second annual  "Connect for a Cause" on September 13th, from 5 30 - 9 pm.  You can purchase tickets through or by calling their office in Halifax.   Join us for cocktails, dinner, a silent auction, networking with the business community and others wanting to make a difference.

Last year I was honoured and humbled to be the keynote speaker for the first annual Connect for a Cause.  This year Nora Duke and Monique Hurley will take center stage.  Nora is President and CEO of Fortis Properties and Monique is an ovarian cancer survivor. 

I will have a minute or two at the mic but not to worry I won't speak for long this year!!

 This year's event is shaping up to be even more successful than last year when $9,000.00 was raised for the Ovarian Cancer Society.

Along with the Four Points by Sheraton Halifax team I will be there to welcome you back.  Please come!

From the heart,

Carol Ann

Titanic 100th Anniversary

As part of the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic the great staircase from the Titanic has been duplicated at the entrance of the Halifax casino.  Lois and I viewed the staircase with a heavy heart.

Our mother is buried at the Fairview Cemetery in Halifax as are the remains of many of the Titanic victims. Over the years, and especially while I was living in Halifax and visited my mom's grave more often, we have had discussions with those who came to seek out the Titanic victim's headstones.  There were times when the tour buses bothered me as they roared in and the tourists stomped all through the graveyard seeking "Titanic" references but, for the most part, I tried to understand.

A terrible piece of history.

Carol Ann

Saturday, August 25, 2012

To all of the strong women I know...

And to those who will grow to be strong women...

Friday, August 24, 2012

Ice Cream Truck - do you remember?

Not so many ice cream trucks around today.  At least not in downtown Toronto. As a child in rural Nova Scotia there was no such thing - I believe I was living in Kingston Ontario, Jalen was four years old, when we saw our first ice cream truck - together.  It wasn't a fancy truck, but it did have lots of ice cream.

And, we both had a big one!

Not So Much...

Your Friday smile...

Family Fun

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

If the shoe fits.......

A few people who are very special to me are smokers.  I wish they were not and in some cases they wish the same thing............this one is for you!


Carol Ann

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hockey Hall of Fame

Our third trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame and we were there for six hours (honestly!)  I believe Jalen could have stayed for another six hours - me, not so much.  He absolutely loves being there and doesn't stop for a second.  We did hit pause to run out for a very fast lunch but that was it. 

It was all Hockey Hall of Fame all the time.

I enjoyed our travel time from Midhurst and back as much as our visit.  Lots of things are discussed during 'windshield-time' believe me. 

We drove down Friday, stayed in Toronto Friday night and then back to Midhurst on Saturday.  In all I had four days with my family and it was wonderful.

Back to a bit of work soon - not just yet but soon.


Carol Ann

My Boy and His Girl

A cute picture of James and Lexi.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Feeding the Animals at Santa's Village

I love this photo of Tracey with Jalen and Lexi.  Tracey is such a good mom and spends so much quality time with both of the kids.

They loved feeding the animals as we entered the Village.



The only way to eat an ice cream is ...

Santa's Village in Bracebridge

Tracey takes Jalen to Santa's Village each year and this was Lexi's first visit.  She loved it as you can see. The hats are given to every child as they enter the Village -nice touch. 

 At the Stage a show was taking place at 3 pm.  Jalen was invited to join other children on stage to play instruments. Lexi was not invited to take center stage but she took it anyway and entertained all with her dancing!

My fishermen

I kind of lost my nerve (imagine that!) when I finally got to the Pier on Cape St. Mary's Road to talk with fisherman to help in the development of the main fishing character for my novel.  These men work so hard and they were clearly concentrating on what they needed to do not on some Toronto type who wanted to interrupt their day.  My bad!

This is not going to be easy.

Ship building in Meteghan

Ship building and repair is not what it once was in Meteghan but it is still necessary. 

These propellers are huge - much more so than the pictures suggest -  Robert d'Entremont gave us a tour and allowed me to take a few photos.  Robert and I are related in some way - it's complicated.

I hadn't thought of  including this venue in my novel but it is food for thought.  Lots of research required.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


I am off to spend a few days with family. Have not seen them since leaving for vacation on July 20th...that is a very long time!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beautiful sights on Cape St. Mary's Road

Some of the beautiful pictures that capture my heart and serve as ideas for my novel.  Imagine what this Pier looked like in the 60s or 70s or early 80s?

I came home with so many ideas and images  noted (and you know how bad my writing is!) in my journal I hardly know where to start believe me.

I will figure it out.


Cape St. Mary's

Near the end of Cape St Mary's Road sits this beautiful old house.  I dared to enter and look around - I want very much to restore it in the minds of those who read my novel. One of my characters will live in this home somewhere back in time.

I will post a similar request on facebook - I am looking for a contact. Someone who has either lived in this house or knows someone who has.  It's the history of the house I am looking for.

Thanks so much.


Carol Ann

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Can you tell how much fun we were having while these pictures were being taken?    We laughed so hard and Russell was such a good sport to take the shots for us.  Heather and Linda came to visit for a couple of days while Lois and I were at Mavillette.

Beautiful homes

Many years ago Marc d'Entremont (my mother's father) and his three brothers built four identical homes for their growing families.  Two of the four still look very much alike.  Aren't they beautiful?

The four homes were built side by side - today they are separated only by d'Entremont Road itself. Two sit on one side and two on the other as the road bends.

The two homes not shown here don't look the same any longer. One has been renovated and looks so beautiful. I met the new owner several years ago and she shared her dreams for the home at that time.  She has done a wonderful job albeit I see a "for sale" sign on the lawn now. 

The fourth home, my mother's homestead, has not survived the ravages of time as well as the others.  However, to me it is still the most beautiful.

A few years before mom passed away we knocked on the door of her homestead and the owners at that time let us walk through - room my room. Mom pointed out the room where she and all of her siblings were born and so much more.

I love the memories.


Carol Ann

Chez Christophe Restaurant

When Paul Comeau, owner of Chez Christophe, passed away a few months ago I worried that I would lose touch with Darlene and her sister Brenda - two wonderful women who worked with Paul in the restaurant almost every single day. 

Before I left for my vacation Darlene and I had already plans to meet for breakfast in the Meteghan area where Brenda is now working. 

This photo of Mavillette Beach hung proudly in Paul's restaurant for many years. He had given the photo to Darlene and, bless her heart, she gave it to me saying that both she and Paul wanted me to have the photo since she lived so close to the beach and could go there everyday and see it in person.

The photo now hangs proudly in my home office as a constant reminder of the beauty of both the beach and the people who live in the area.

Darlene, thanks again from the bottom of my heart.


Carol Ann

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wilmot Public School Reunion

The reunion was well planned, well attended and much loved by all of us who were there.  We left with tears in our eyes and old memories front and center once again.  Our "class photo" was such fun and you can see that in our smiles. I have to be honest, it troubled me that some who live locally chose to not find time in their day to join us - their loss.

Phyllis Pedicelli (White) painted the picture of our school - I so wanted to win it but it was not to be!

My sisters Lois (from the right,) Connie and Mrs Curry who was a much loved and a favourite teacher for many who graduated from the Wilmot School are in the picture with me.  We were thrilled to see Mrs Curry and her daughter - she brought pictures and she knew the names of everyone in the photos.  She brought old school books - more memories. Thanks again Mrs Curry. You are a class act.

When you graduate from Public School you don't think about the fact that many of your classmates will not cross you path again in life - we made sure that didn't happen on one very sunny day in July in the small community of Wilmot Nova Scotia.  

Thanks to all!


Carol Ann - graduate from Wilmot Public School.

My sister Lois

Stuart Weitzman Shoes!

Guess who these Stuart Weitzman shoes belong to.........





First they belonged to my friend Cheryl (thank you a million times Cheryl) and while I was home this summer she gave them to me.  Actually Cheryl gave me two pair but I gave one to Connie - Stuart Weitzman is meant to be shared don't you think? Kind of like paying it forward - feet first!

The shoes kind of didn't fit us. Cheryl has narrow feet. So, we took them to a Cobbler in Bridgewater and for 12 long hours these beautiful shoes were on a machine meant to stretch the living daylights out of them.  It worked for my shoes but for Connie's it only worked until we got them home and tried to walk around in them.  Her stretch didn't last.  Damn.

Are they comfortable? Of course not!  Can I walk easily in them? Of course not!

They are show-shoes after all.

You understand right?

Tall Ships in Halifax

I have watched the Tall Ships as they sail in to the Halifax harbour many times - never before has the weather been as beautiful as it was this summer.  There were not as many Tall Ships this year but those we saw were the most beautiful without a doubt.