Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jalen James Scott

Hi there

I have to share this photo with you. My grandson was in the net a couple of days ago when his ball hockey team won their game 6 - 1. Jalen is very calm as the ball comes his way - Nana, not so much! As goalie he is first in line for the fist-pumps post game. The six and seven year olds take turns in goal and I am looking forward to watching Jalen play defence when he gets out of the net. He tells me he is good on defence too - I have no doubt.

From the heart,

Carol Ann (proud Nana)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

October is cancer awareness month

Hi there - September is almost over, fall has arrived and therefore so has a busy October for many cancer survivors who speak at fundraisers/awareness day events/company conferences etc during the month of October. Count me in.

Shauna from Sydney Nova Scotia e mailed me this morning to tell me she was reading the Cape Breton Post and saw that I will be speaking in her hometown on October 8th. I will be there with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and look forward to seeing many of the women (and a few men) I met when I was last there - October 2006. Much has happened in my world since then.

Following Cape Breton I have two events in Halifax with CBCF and if you are interested to know more you can check with the Foundation at I then hurry to London Ontario to speak at a Volunteer conference with the Canadian Cancer Society and I am very much looking forward to that event. The London branch of CCS has always been so supportive of all that I do and I love it each time I am with them. Next I am speaking in Perth Ontario at an event for the Canadian Federation of University Women and the very last weekend of the month I am in Toronto at a three day conference with the Canadian Breast Cancer Network - you can learn more about their event by checking their website

Maybe I will see you during my travels. I have my Blackberry with me so you should be able to easily track me down.

Carol Ann

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Add Barcelona to your vacation list!

I have just spent 6 days in Barcelona and I highly recommend it. Not one to pay particular attention to buildings I have fallen in love with the work of Antoni Gaudi - born in 1852! His work as an architect is unbelievable and you have to see it to believe it.

We went on a bus tour to see the entire city of Barcelona . That helped us determine what we wanted to explore in more detail - and I kept going back to view the architecture. Talk about GRAND!

Didn't do much shopping. Much of what I saw was "made in China" so why go to Barcelona to buy something made in China? I will admit I had planned to do some serious shopping on the Sunday before coming home. But . . . no shops are open on Sunday - none - and good for them.

Now the summer has passed and it is time to turn my thoughts to a number of speaking contracts I have for the fall. About a dozen or so in October so maybe our paths will cross. I would like that.

I hope you have enjoyed your summer and I look forward to your e mails.

Carol Ann