Monday, November 28, 2011


Of course I can't leave Lexi out. She attended all of her brother's games but had more fun at home with her "stuff."

jalen and his dad

Jalen's ball hockey championship game didn't go their way but I keep reminding him that ending the season second in the league is a great place to end up too.  Not sure he was convinced.

James stepped in and coached the team mid way through the season and found that he did enjoy it. Of course, as his mom  I see all of his great qualities but watching his gentle and humourous ways with these young boys was a joy to watch.  Getting their attention is one thing, keeping it is another.  Very funny to see the 7 and 8 year olds walk away from the huddle if they felt the urge.

I am so proud of both Jalen and James......xoxxo

Friday, November 25, 2011

Regular mail - when did you last send a card?

I came home today and stopped to pick up my mail - and something in the mailbox made my day.  My friend Cheryl M sent me a "Note to cheer you" card because she knows I have had a bit of a rough November.  In this fast paced world it is such a gift to picture a friend taking the time to send a card the old fashioned way.  I am guilty of not sending cards to friends and family "just because" and one of my New Year's resolutions will be to correct that.  Cheryl, thanks for making me think............

Carol Ann

Jalen James

Since I posted a photo of Lexi at the dinner table yesterday I really should post one of Jalen too.  His dad took this shot at dinner time last evening. (Make that supper time for those of us from the East Coast.)  Jalen will be playing in the ball hockey championship game in his league this weekend and I will be there!

A new website for you to check out - and a new author too

Dee Madore and I met via e mail some time ago when she was working on her first novel.  If you go to you will be introduced to Gifted - her novel is now available as an e-book.  I purchased it last evening and will enjoy reading it this weekend. 

Dee is already working on her second book - Tidbits, Tips & Treasures.

A fellow Maritimer, Dee and her husband live in Truro Nova Scotia and spend summers in the beautiful Annapolis Valley.  Hopefully we will meet in the Valley in person next year.

Congratulations to you Dee!!

Have a warm Friday.


Carol Ann

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Feeding Lexi is delightful!

Can you tell how much Lexi enjoys meal time?  She loves to eat and will try anything - especially with sauce.  What a joy this little girl is....

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sidney Crosby and his Nov 21 comeback!

Oh my did you see Sid's return last evening?  Third shift into the game and -  he scored with his backhand no less.   And he wasn't done there. Beautiful!  Welcome back my fellow Maritimer...........

This picture after his first goal says it all.

Monday, November 21, 2011

You asked about my heart collection

You might be able to see the heart that you gave me in my Christmas collection of hearts!  I think I will keep this out all year long - I love it.  I have been collecting hearts since the beginning of my Comfort Heart Initiative and that was in 1996!  Time flies.  Have a wonderful Monday.  Love CA xoxo

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas day is a month away!

And my collection of Christmas trees has grown from one to four!  So, my trees are up and trimmed.  You?  Love CA

My sister Lois

When Jalen was born my sister, Lois, made his Christmas stocking so when Lexi was born this year Lois set out to make Lexi's stocking as well.  And, here it is.  It is absolutely beautiful with Lexi's full name spelled out in beads, a 2011 coin tucked inside the sock and a Comfort Heart engraved with "First Christmas" and so much more.  Over the years I know it will become very meaningful to little Lexi. Thanks Lois. Love CA x0x0

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

And better still

Definitely getting stronger each day - thanks for your concern and e cards like this one from May. 

You never know - by tomorrow I might even go outside! Trust me, I am feeling hemmed in to say the least. Maybe that is a good sign.

Have a gentle Wednesday.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Feeling better day by day....

Honestly pneumonia is no fun at all but I really am better each day.  Seems it will take a bit longer than I thought so hang in there with me.  I am feeling better today for the first day in some time so on the right path.

Friday, November 11, 2011

I missed such a great Bell retirement party for Mike and Nick!

Poor me - I have pneumonia and if you have ever had it yourself you know I am one sick girl at the moment. In the hands of my good doctor though so this will pass (soon hopefully.)

With nothing better to do last evening (lifting my head seems to take more energy than I have) I took this photo of a full moon - looking East from my condo.  Nice yes?

On the 9th I was so looking forward to saying a few words at Mike and Nick's retirement party.  (They combined and had one big party - and many of their friends and working connections are the same so it was a great idea.)  Apparently there were pensioners from as far back as 1976!  I love Bell parties like this one and refused to admit I wasn't well enough to attend until 24 hours before - like a child who might refuse to give up something they really really wanted.  Damn.

I would have taken pictures to post here so maybe someone can send me a few??


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Francine Green

To know Francine was to love her.  She had a long and successful career with Bell, was married to Bill for 31 years and was the proud mother of Rachelle - who is surely her mother's double at the age of 25. 

The photo on the left is of Francine giving me a big hug at my retirement party in February1994.

Francine had the most wonderful smile and you couldn't help but smile when you were around her. She truly did light up the room no matter the circumstance.

Death came suddenly and was a shock to everyone.  I believe in God but having spent time with Francine's family (especially my dear friend Michelle - Francine's sister) yesterday I have only one word for God.............Really?????

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sisters who are also friends

In this photo Betty and Rosalie are on one side of me with Natalie and Melva on the other.  Sister number five - Audrey was not with us on this sunny summer day a few months ago while I was home.  The photo came in the mail a few days ago along with a gift - a necklace of hope, handmade by Sue Bernier. I have written about these particular sisters before.  They share a home, they look out for each other in ways others don't even think of and they care about others. My mother worked with these girls many years ago and now I get to call them friends too!  Nice nice people.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Have a wonderful weekend

The heart shaped cloud is a real picture and my friend May Ocean added the small "Comfort Heart."  Nice yes?

Have a wonderful weekend.  I will continue my extra blog entries until I have caught up with all of the things I would have shared during the month of October if my computer had not been lost in the Best Buy shuffle.

Carol Ann

Thursday, November 3, 2011


There is a new group on Facebook dedicated to our two-room school house in Wilmot Nova Scotia.  This group has prompted me to join Facebook. Until now I have been confident that my website and blog were quite enough - but like many of you I am now a member. I will likely blog here more than I will comment on Facebook though.  As you can see in the photo the building is now the Wilmot Community Center but back in "the day" the room on the right was home for Kindergarten through Grade three while the room on the left was for Grades four through six.  Ah the memories!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

25 Billion dollar Halifax Shipyard contract

This photo is clearly not of a warship but it is of the Halifax habour so I thought I would include it this blog.

While I was at home in October the province received some absolutely wonderful news -  "A $25-billion Halifax Shipyard contract to build the next generation of naval warships" shouted the headlines of the Halifax paper. I was in a restaurant three hours away from Halifax when Darlene, a waitress at Chez Christophe, came to our table to say, "Great news. NS got the contract - we will do a better business even at this end of the province. " And the feeling was shared anywhere you went over the next few days.  There will be an influx of people, homes will be built and sold, cars will be purchased and new tires will be needed for older cars,  Iiving Shipbuilding Inc will hire engineers who will begin and end their career at home if they chose to do that.  It's all good and I couldn't be happier for my home province.

Toronto's Flatiron Building on Front Street in Toronto

The Flatiron building in downtown Toronto is up for sale.  Constructed in 1892 for George Gooderham, former Bank of Toronto president and owner of Gooderham and Worts Distillery is an architectural beauty I think.  It is a favourite for picture takers from all over the world. You can always observe people taking a picture of the building itself or of each other in front of it.

I am wondering if it will become a condo building.  Wouldn't that be a great place to live??

My Toronto Maple Leafs!

Honestly one of the hardest things about not having my computer for so long was not being able to blog about 'my' Leafs! (I can hear some of you saying, "blah, blah, blah they start out strong every year.)  I don't go there - this is  a new year and they are hot aren't they? I loved the opening game and win against Montreal and there have been many thriller games since game one.  Don Cherry's rant on Coach's Corner  when he called out the retired enforcers for suggesting that NHL players who fight are prone to substance abuse continued on for a few more games and he did apologize - sort of.  I am not a big fan of Cherry's but realize many are.  He does need to get on board with the damage illegal hits are doing to hockey players. It's a fact.

This past Saturday I watched the Leafs and Penguins game (4 - 3 for us) with Jalen and James which is always such a treat for me.  Jalen knows all there is to know about hockey and relives each goal time and time again.  It was nice to see the long standing ovation for Mats Sundin during the game and will be even nicer to see the game February 11th when he is honoured. "Number 13" will look good hanging from the rafters.

You have to agree (some of you anyway) that when Burke brought Kessel and Phaneuf on board he made a wise decision yes?  Kessel is red hot and Phaneuf is doing what he was brought here to do (most of the time.)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cafe Central & Cara Mia Gelato celebrates TEN years in Kentville NS!

Where do I begin?  On October 18th Cafe Central held their 10th Anniversary party and what a party it was! Owners Linda and Paula, surrounded by their very proud team, greeted over 200 guests to some of their finest foods.  Linda made her now famous cake - I won't share any secrets about the cake other than to tell you there are pounds, and pounds, and pounds and pounds of butter in it.  Best cake ever honest to God.  How does a Cafe stay successful after ten years in business in a fairly small town?  "We keep doing what we do best and that is providing quality products in an inviting atmosphere," says Linda.  "Our vision has stayed the same. We focus on our customers and customer service and make them feel welcomed while offering quality food at a reasonable price." tells you more about the Cafe. 

One very special highlight of the evening happened when the staff took center stage and presented Linda and Paula with a "Cheers to 10 years" plaque and a card expressing how proud they feel being part of Cafe Central.  Even the Mayor got in to the act and presented the owners with a beautiful floral arrangement.  Flowers came from many others too - I forgot to photograph all of them!

It was wonderful to see so many customers, family and friends arrive to celebrate the success of the Cafe.  My friends Phyllis and Tony Pedicelli were home from Montreal so they brought along George White and two more of the "White girls" as I call them.  After the doors closed I had the pleasure of sitting around with Linda and her family for a nice long chat and visit - times like that are gifts that we often don't take time to enjoy.

I spent the week in Kentville and stayed with Heather - I now have my unofficial own room in her home and she always makes me feel so welcome, even when she is crazy busy with a million things. Thanks Heather. (And, thanks for the books too.  The homemade jam however had to be left at the airport - couldn't get it past security. Damn!)

Congratulations again to everyone at Cafe Central!


Carol Ann

April 29th, 2012 - Fun and Fashion Show - Atlantica Hotel Halifax

You will recognize my friend Carol Bond on the left in this picture (with the pink hair!)  For many years Carol hosted "In the Pink Fun and Fashion"  - a fashion show featuring models who were all breast cancer survivors.  (I wrote about Carol in my books so you might remember reading about her if you were not in attendance at the shows.)  Fast forward to now and the lady on the right in the photo.  This is Michele McQuaid, Certified Fitter with her own business - Mastectomy Boutique-Designed For Living  I met Michele for the first time when I was home recently.  We had spoken/typed previously but had not met in person. We 'clicked' immediately and I am so grateful to Carol for making the introductions.  On April 29th next year Michele will hold her own event with her new business.  The event will include lunch, a silent auction and fashion show. All models will be breast cancer survivors and all net proceeds will be donated to help fund breast cancer research and to aid survivors.  Carol and I will both be there - and we hope you will too. I will keep you updated as the date approaches.  I am very keen to help Michele make this a very very successful day. 
Carol Ann

Jalen and Lexi

While Jalen loves his Halloween gingerbread man Lexi will eat anything - she absolutely loves food - all kinds of food and is thrilled whenever she knows food of any type is near. The top photo of Lexi standing up underneath the desk is special to me.  Many of you have heard me talk about my antique desk.  I sold my dining room furniture in 1989 and purchased this desk when I became a VP at Bell.  My dining room officially became my office.   I worked at this desk for many years and love the history it holds for me. I don't know about the history before me but the desk is an antique so there is much history within these desk drawers I am sure. I passed my desk on to James and Tracey and when I saw Lexi crawling over to it I ran for my camera to capture this picture.

Noel Coward"s Private Lives

It may be too late to catch this performance in a Toronto Theatre but I am sure it will move to another city very soon. If you have the chance is worth the visit.  I believe next stop is Broadway!!  Jeanette, Dawn and I went together and while we enjoyed the day very much we were disappointed upon arrival to learn that Paul Gross was not in the production that particular day.  It must be difficult for any understudy to live up to the expectations of the audience.      Following the Theatre we spent time in "From Hockey to Hollywood" on King Street where you can purchase just about anything hockey (and all sports) related  - all for a price. I picked up two Christmas gifts for Jalen after a quick call to James to ensure that I knew who Jalen's favourite player is these days.  I have much to catch up on having been off line for more blogs to come today.

Two more Halloween pictures for you

A hockey player and....... a bug!!