Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wilmot Public School Reunion

The reunion was well planned, well attended and much loved by all of us who were there.  We left with tears in our eyes and old memories front and center once again.  Our "class photo" was such fun and you can see that in our smiles. I have to be honest, it troubled me that some who live locally chose to not find time in their day to join us - their loss.

Phyllis Pedicelli (White) painted the picture of our school - I so wanted to win it but it was not to be!

My sisters Lois (from the right,) Connie and Mrs Curry who was a much loved and a favourite teacher for many who graduated from the Wilmot School are in the picture with me.  We were thrilled to see Mrs Curry and her daughter - she brought pictures and she knew the names of everyone in the photos.  She brought old school books - more memories. Thanks again Mrs Curry. You are a class act.

When you graduate from Public School you don't think about the fact that many of your classmates will not cross you path again in life - we made sure that didn't happen on one very sunny day in July in the small community of Wilmot Nova Scotia.  

Thanks to all!


Carol Ann - graduate from Wilmot Public School.

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