Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What it truly means to be a sister

I have written about Betty, Natalie, Rosalie, Audrey and Melva before.  Five sisters in their own home in Halifax Nova Scotia.  Sharing the good times and the bad if there are any. Sharing expenses and helping each other out as needed. Making sure there is an extra gift if one of the sisters goes that extra mile to help.

Melva, Betty and Natalie (hope I have that right) all worked with my mother during her career at the Halifax Infirmary. Mom entered the work force at the age of fifty when she found herself alone with two young daughters to raise.    Mom shared a birthday with Rosalie (?) and they celebrated annually together.  There was always a huge smile on her face when mom spoke about 'the sisters' as we came to call them. 

Lois and I had a fabulous dinner in their backyard during our vacation and for dessert - no we did not eat this pie - we had another wonderful pie and they sent us home with this treat and two forks.  We had it for a snack later that evening and I have to admit I had another piece for breakfast the next day!  Oh my!!

My month at home this year went all too quickly. I have so much to share and wanted to begin with 'the sisters.'


Carol Ann

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