Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beautiful homes

Many years ago Marc d'Entremont (my mother's father) and his three brothers built four identical homes for their growing families.  Two of the four still look very much alike.  Aren't they beautiful?

The four homes were built side by side - today they are separated only by d'Entremont Road itself. Two sit on one side and two on the other as the road bends.

The two homes not shown here don't look the same any longer. One has been renovated and looks so beautiful. I met the new owner several years ago and she shared her dreams for the home at that time.  She has done a wonderful job albeit I see a "for sale" sign on the lawn now. 

The fourth home, my mother's homestead, has not survived the ravages of time as well as the others.  However, to me it is still the most beautiful.

A few years before mom passed away we knocked on the door of her homestead and the owners at that time let us walk through - room my room. Mom pointed out the room where she and all of her siblings were born and so much more.

I love the memories.


Carol Ann

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  1. These homes are looking fantastic thanks for the sharing and just keep up the good work.