Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Favourite Olympic Memories

Custio Clayton is from my neck of the woods - from my end of Canada - from Dartmouth which is a Ferry ride from what I like to call home when I am not in Toronto - Halifax.  Clayton's loss to the Brit in such a stunning tiebreaker left many speechless.  To be in Halifax on the day of his fight was electric.  Everyone was talking about how he fought, and how he handled the decision post fight. A champion all around.

For Mark Oldershaw is was about writing a happy ending to his family's long-running Olympic saga - claiming bronze in Men's C-1 1,000 meter final.

And for Bolt - you have to love the guy.  From poverty to the world stage.  An Olympic champion again. Powerful story and one that small children will grow up hoping to duplicate.

Lois and I watched the Olympics every day from Halifax and from Mavillette.  Not always during the day but we saw the repeat performances nightly and it was fun to share it with my sister.


Carol Ann

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