Monday, November 1, 2010

Body, Mind and Spirit

This past weekend I had the pleasure of speaking at CBCN's Body, Mind and Spirit conference here in Toronto. A National conference for young women living with breast cancer brought together some wonderful women - as I looked out at the audience facing me I was struck by the youth of these women. They are far too young to have battled (and beaten) this killer disease already. Breast cancer isn't particular - it picks on all ages. The star of the conference was Bif Naked who shared her "Rock your Cancer" story and I didn't even try to compete with her!!

I spoke with Barb Thompson who works with Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia and we tried to remember the last time we saw each other - life moves too fast.

I spent time with Cheryl and Shauna who are in this picture with me. Cheryl and I met in October at the Sydney CBCF breakfast and Shauna and I met a few years ago at the World Conference on Breast Cancer in Winnipeg. If you have my last book you can go to page 99 and read Shauna's chapter - written by her - called Shauna Marie MacLean and her Red Shoes.

Cheryl is one hard working young lady and CBCF Atlantic can be very proud of her. At the end of the conference as she packed up her posters and everything she had brought with her she wondered if she could walk rather than take a cab to the foot of Yonge St (heading to Porter Airlines.) I love her spirit and her positive attitude is outstanding.

Shauna and I are both breast cancer survivors, both have one son and each time we talk we realize we have more and more in common. We spent a quiet hour together Sunday morning catching up and I suspect our bond is even stronger because of our last conversation.

So, October is over - and so is my month of working in the breast cancer world. I tend to give much of my time and energy away in October and this year I may have over done it. I seldom slept in my own bed and while I loved every second of it I am glad it is behind me.

Have a great November and I will be back here again soon to share a wonderful evening I had recently with the "boys (and two girls) from my Bell days." Having been retired from Bell since 1994 it was such a treat to attend Pete Renshaw's second retirement party and catch up with so many of the old gang - and I say that in the kindest way.


Carol Ann

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