Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mary Rose Cole (d'Entremont)

My wonderful mother lost her battle with breast cancer twenty years ago today.   The second photo here was taken on her 75th birthday in late 1991 when we had a huge celebration for her.  Two months later she and I were both diagnosed with breast cancer.  She did not live to see her 76th birthday - she passed away two days earlier.
I will share a 'lighter' story with you re the top photo.  If you look closely you will see a hint of red in my attire - red tights - but it was Christmas (1991) after all so that is my defense. My mother did not approve of women wearing tights and I knew that. James was taking the photo and she kept asking him to zoom in because she didn't want my tights to show.  I kept saying, "not that close" and back and forth the discussion went.  It was a very happy moment and James captured a lovely image for us.
I used this photo a few years after her passing when we launched the Comfort Heart Initiative in mom's memory.   Thanks to Bell, 30,000 brochures were printed with this photo giving a face to the story about mom and I.
My mother taught me so many things. RIP mom. I am still trying!
From the heart,
Carol Ann

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