Monday, October 1, 2012

RIP Raylene Rankin

Yesterday I returned home from Toronto's Run for the Cure to learn of Raylene Rankin's passing.  She was 52 years old. Only 52 years old and cancer had taken her life.

My sister Connie and I walked in our first Run for the Cure about 19 years ago. We were remembering our mother, Mary Rose Cole, who we lost 20 years ago this December. I hate this killer disease.

Raylene Rankin was such a gifted and beautiful singer. She was also an excellent speaker.  On a few occasions when her health did not allow her to keep a speaking engagement I was called in to replace her. No one could ever replace Raylene.  She often spoke and sang at these events as well so when I arrived the audience knew there would be no singing!

Breast cancer knocked on Raylene's door in 2001 and again in 2008.   Last year she announced she was battling liver cancer.   

My heart goes out to her son, her husband and to the entire Rankin family.  We all want you to know that Raylene was loved, respected and will always be remembered.

From the heart,

Carol Ann Cole

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