Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My new book - From the Heart

My sister Lorraine is an artist.  She created this art work for me, called "Ripples," to show the ripple effect of the Comfort Heart.  In 1998 when the fundraiser was still fairly new I had 1000 cards printed using Lorraine's art work. I used these cards when I mailed out Comfort Hearts. I think I have about ten cards left!

I will share this image in my new book which will capture your stories - stories from the Holders of the Heart. Stories sharing what your Comfort Heart has meant to you, what you have done with Comfort Hearts and yes I want your funny stories surrounding this little pewter heart as well.

Today the real work began. I met with my friends at CBCF - Atlantic via conference call and we are moving forward.

Think about letters you may have written to me in the past, and please appreciate that I have over 1000 in front of me at the moment.  Maybe you could write to me now - and tell me your story again - or for the first time.

From the heart,

Carol Ann

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