Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Energy behind a Gift of Flowers

Today I am writing - all day. Noted it in my filofax so had to be done.  As long as the words keep flowing that is.

I am trying to further develop a particular character for my novel. He is coming along but needs lots of work. Normally when I am writing I don't even answer the phone but I saw that the call was from Shallun, our concierge. "Is it your birthday?" he asked. "No, why?" "Because you have flowers here at the desk."

In the elevator I tried to imagine who might have sent me flowers at this particular time. Could not guess - honestly.

I continued the game when I got back to my condo - took this top picture as I attempted to answer my own question.  Finally gave up and opened  the card.

I met a wonderful couple while at home this summer.  We met outside of our hotel.  The flowers are from Brenda - you never know when you take the time to speak with a stranger what kind of a connection you might make.  Brenda and I have so much in common and we are exploring that now via e mail.  Brenda's husband was busy organizing their day so I didn't have as much time to speak with him but I am certain he is equally as kind as Brenda.  Thank you so much for your gift of flowers.  They are lovely.

You can see the flowers proudly sitting on top of an antique piece of furniture in my little office.  They are keeping me company as I continue to work on the character who will become my fisherman.. His name is Alphonse by the way.  Giving him a name makes him more real don't you think?

From the heart,

Carol Ann

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