Monday, September 3, 2012

Labour Day - literally

I am "Molly the Mover" this morning - in my own condo. 

One thing on the move was my biggest TV - heavy for me to move but not impossible.  In my ongoing quest to minimalize I decided to put the TV on top of a dresser in my bedroom rather than having it in the huge shelving unit it has been in.  Getting rid of the shelving unit will for another day, for now it is safely out of the way in my closet.

So, I got the dresser in place beside the existing TV stand, stood safely on a stool, remembered to bend my knees and Voila! I lifted the TV from one place to another.  Women often tell me their issue is remembering where the plugs all go after they move a TV so here's a tip for you ladies - take a picture!  Makes life much easier after all that heavy lifting is done.  Simply check the picture, plugs in place and sit back and enjoy your work. 

Pat on the back too.  I deserve a treat!!

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