Monday, December 2, 2013

Reaching out to a Bell friend - Sandie Bellows

Sandie Bellows, my Bell Canada friend circa 1990 St Catharines business office, I am hoping this heart finds you before you give your victim impact statement in BC tomorrow at Peter John Peter's parole hearing. In January 1990 Sandie was abducted outside a credit union not far from the safety of her office in St Catharines and her friends there. She was raped, kicked in the face, stabbed in the back, shoulder and chest with a screwdriver before getting away. Sandie didn't know that day that Peters had already raped and murdered others. I was with Sandie some time later when she was thanked by the police for helping them catch and convict Peters. She now advocates for victims' rights and allows her name to be disclosed even though she is a victim of sexual assault. I am so proud of you Sandie and will be with you in spirit tomorrow as I suspct will many many other Bell employees and pensioners. You are our hero. xoxoxo


Carol Ann

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