Saturday, December 28, 2013

Around the Corner by Charles Hanson Towne

As the year draws to an end I am so thankful for my family and friends. And, for my facebook friends here. You will see in this photo, a homemade decoration, skis and poles on one side (and "Jamie" on the other. ) My friend Valerie Keighan (Maxwell) made this decoration for my son circa 1979. Valerie was diagnosed with cancer and died within months this year. Valerie's quick passing reminds me of the poem "Around the Corner" by Charles Hanson Towne. The poem speaks of the reminder to stay in touch with those we care for because we never know what lies around the corner. If you have the chance read it, I am sure you will agree with the message contained within the poem.


Carol Ann

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  1. What a beautiful decoration and a wonderful reminder of your dear friend. I checked out the poem and it is an important reminder to connect with those we care about. Thanks for sharing. :)

    Happy New Year-