Monday, May 20, 2013

Paradise - on a holiday Monday

Today I am working on my novel.

I have neglected Paradise albeit for good reasons.

While finishing From the Heart and then beginning the promotion of my book that will hopefully raise lots of funds for CBCF I have willingly kept Paradise on the back shelf.

Today feels like a good day to work on something else so I have my 240 page manuscript in front of me (on the screen that is!) and am beginning one more review.  Coffee in hand I am actually set up on my little balcony - it's a good day I can tell!

If I can find the right person at some point, I really do hope to learn the history of the house above.  This proud old home sits at the end of Cape St. Mary Road and all I know is that it was once a sea captain's home. I have no idea who it belongs to now but would love to find out and speak with them.  That's for another day......for now..........back to proofreading/editing etc.


Carol Ann

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