Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Confusion ...

Today has certainly brought with it many learning curves.  First I received a call from the Halifax post office where all Comfort Heart mail arrived until I moved back to Toronto in 2007.  All of a sudden, more mail is arriving there for me - that should have stopped in 2007 when all mail was rerouted to my Toronto address.  A big thank you to Justin in the Halifax post office for tracking me down.

Then, I received several e mails saying 'my 1 800' number was not working, or at least it was not being monitored.

So, after some digging and some good work by Roy Gibson, my web guy, I think the problem has been identified and corrected.

People seem to be reading through the media articles posted on my website dating back to when I lived in Halifax and they are using that ordering information....no no....very out dated.

To order Comfort Hearts and or From the Heart please call 1 866 273 2223 or go to www.cbcf.org/atlantic  and if you hear anyone complaining that they can't find out how to order maybe you could give them this information.

Okay, I need a drink ....



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