Thursday, August 28, 2014

Cross that Bridge when you come to it...


I haven't blogged for so long - sorry to all of my friends who catch up with me here. I have no real excuse other than I took a break from this social media site for the summer. I find Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Blogging a bit much on top of my website but as long as I maintain my speaking business I will maintain all of the above. ... with the exception of this blog for long periods of time as you have seen this summer.

I took a long vacation this summer and spent over a month in my home province - Nova Scotia. With the exception of "Arthur" the weather was the best it has been in the month of July in years. 

These pictures of Lexi were taken yesterday.  Jalen is away with his other grandparents for the week so a visit with my son and family meant I had a bit more one on one time with Lexi. She is such a delight.

One very funny exchange with Lexi went like this ...

Lexi:  Nana I know what the lights mean (the stop lights as we were driving along).

Me:  Okay, what does the red light mean?

Lexi: Stop.

Me: The green light?

Lexi: Go.

Me: And the amber light?  With hands in the air and in a very loud voice the reply came.....


It was a laugh out loud moment.

From the heart,

Carol Ann

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