Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Jalen's understanding of the word "cancer"

This past weekend I shared my new book, From the Heart, with James and family. We were not sure if Jalen knew what the word cancer means so I was ready for the discussion as he read the dedication in the front of my book. (The book is dedicated to Jalen and Lexi.)

He finished reading the dedication and the conversation between Jalen and I went like this -

"Jalen do you know what the word cancer means?"

"What does cancer mean?"

"It means you get sick and die."

"Actually Jalen not everyone who has cancer dies."

"Yea they do Nana - if they get cancer they die."

"Not true Jalen. I have had cancer twice and I am alive and very healthy."

"Oh - that's good.  Can I read my book now?"

End of discussion.

Not such a heavy conversation after all.

Have a gentle Tuesday.

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