Saturday, March 23, 2013

Printer's Proofs - one more time

By the time the printer's proofs reach your desk there really should be no changes required.  Really?

Yes, really.  If you are self publishing your book everything should be signed, sealed and delivered to your printer exactly as you want it to be printed.

Not so in the case of From the Heart.  My friends at CBCF - Atlantic pointed out four things that may not have been totally incorrect but to make everything totally correct we needed to make the changes.  And they were right.  And, one of the changes was to the back cover.  Ouch!  I had missed that.

However, all is okay this fine sunny Saturday morning. We made the corrections, signed off on the book at this stage and the nice courier-man arrived at my door (well, he arrived in my lobby) late Friday and now From the Heart is out of my hands.

Next stop - books!

My nerves are shattered but some retail therapy will fix that. 

From the heart,

Carol Ann

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