Sunday, November 11, 2012

Game on!

En route to his hockey game yesterday.

Kids don't go on strike.  They love the game.  Money, of course, doesn't muddy the waters (or the ice in this case.)  Parents spend their hard earned money so their children can play the game they love. Jalen, like all other eight year boys on the ice dreams of playing in the NHL.

Having been an NHL fan and supporter since I was a teenager I have to say - I am pretty much over it. I may not tune in when the millionaires decide to play again.

I do understand what is at stake for both sides and what each side is fighting for. But, there are more important things to support don't you think?

Let's all find something else to do on a Saturday evening.

From the heart,

Carol Ann
PS Jalen I will tune in again when you lace up for an NHL team I promise!

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